MAC F2 #8 Out of the Tents - How I Almost Lost Everything and Overcame the Odds

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Day 45F

I was having an issue of foxtailing but it was so extreme that you would see gaps between individual calyxes at the tops of buds. My diagnoses was that the room was co2 deficient, causing the plants to stress out about the abundance of light and nutrients being given.

The treatment? Get co2 setup!

So I added co2, and to begin with, my room was at 375ppm during lights on. I didn't have a way to measure it before getting the controller, but as soon as I plugged that bad boy in I knew I was going to be right about this.

Introducing, MAC f2 #8, sans-gapped out foxtailing !

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That's it! I solved the problem!
Obviously, since I got the co2 going only in week 6 of flower, it has already some foxtailing, but I believe to have stopped it dead in its tracks.

CO2 is stable between 1150-1250 ppm.

Temps go from 74⁰ f at night to 83⁰ during the day.

Humidity is a little higher than I want it to be but that's because I'm only using a 70 pint household unit. Eventually that will be an upgrade but for now we will have to deal with the 60-65% rh.

Cheers! And thanks for reading!

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Getting this premature finishing on 2 plants but it only is affecting half of each plant.

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