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Well im venturing outside for a while and i couldn't be more thrilled about it. My lease is up at the end of the month and im looking to get an acre ranch, should be good times.

Anyway, i need some more personal smoke and am going to be messing around with some genetics. In the pictures below are Green Crack, Jilly Bean, American thunder Fuck, and Jack Herer. Im flowering every strain but the Jack Herer currently with the intent of dusting them with my Jilly bean male pollen. As soon as i move this thread will likely include some Nepalese Highland seeds that i need to test and Blizzard Locomotive that i got from the bay. Looking forward to popping those beans, but for now here are a few pictures. Plants are 5 days into flower and manually pulling them in at night is a pain in teh ass.



I'm a picture whore when it comes to my plants, so i hope you guys don't mind that this thread will end up flooded with them.

It's week 1 of flower and i felt like taking pictures of the first flowers starting to come in. Hope you enjoy.

For those that care:
Feed plants my Bio-tea 2 days ago
Currently using earth juice for flowering, may switch that up.

American Thunder Fuck & Jack Herer Moms
Atf Jack Herer Mom.jpg

American Thunder Fuck

Green Crack
Green Crack.jpg

Jilly Bean 1
jilly bean 1.jpg

Jilly Bean 2
jilly bean 2.jpg

Jilly Bean 3
Jily Bean 3.jpg
Update: feed the plants so ill feed the thread. The mom's have been culled as of two days ago, bouncing back nicely.

Enjoy :party0022:

Jilly Bean 1
jilly bean 1-6-10-09.jpg

Jilly bean 2
jilly bean 2-6-10-09.jpg

Jilly bean 3
jilly bean 3-6-10-09.jpg

Green Crack
Green crack 6-10-09.jpg

ATF 6-10-09.jpg

The Moms
Moms 6-10-09.jpg
13 days into flower, the sites are really starting to show up now. I did my second round of fertilization of the female flowers. Basically, i stored my JB male pollen in some baking flour at 1 table spoon to 3 of flour. Took a small bit of that from the refrigerator today and used a Q-tip to paint the flowers with the pollen mixture.

My tools for pollinating

The amount of flour mixture i needed (with plenty to spare)

Jilly Bean 1
jb 1.jpg

Jilly Bean 2
jb 2.jpg

Jilly Bean 3
Jb 3.jpg

American Thunder Fuck

Green Crack (aka Cush)

Over all shot of flowering plants
Over all.jpg


Jilly Bean Clones
Jb clones.jpg
fruitloops: Thanks man, i try but sometimes they have a mind of their own.

DevilsAmongUs: Hey thanks, yeah the genetics i can get my hands on are a blessing for sure. Northern cali has some fine things moving around.

caliskunker: Cali, greetings. Thanks for the good wishes, i just applied fora 3 acre place today. hope to hear by tuesday if approved.

shroomyshroom: This is my first stab at teh strain but im definitely looking forward to it. Im a pot snob in a way and really enjoy certain types of highs, jilly bean seems to fit the bill. I'm expecting the cross with GC to yield more and finish very early, the ATF cross is meant to bring out more of that sweet smell and see how the highs mix.


nice one mace:)
i wish i lived in a place as sunny as you do
the only thing i can do with my outdoor crop is make bubble hash the budd tastes that bad,shitty english wheather for yah lol
all the best buddy
NICE job mace it looks good, i can appreciate the freedom(tolerant neighbors) you must have seeing as your plants are outside soaking up all that goodness.
Been: Thanks man, i do my best....well, nominally my best. Once i get the new place, it's on like Donkey Kong.

Sorry to hear that, though i enjoy inclement weather more than sun shine. Northern Cali is a great place to grow damn near anything, i just happen to have lucked out on that. If the UK ever decided to de-criminalize you could try and run supplemental lighting outdoor. Planning on doing so myself for my 2 green house set up. Should be choice to say the least.

moejammin: Odd you should mention that, i live in a Euro style courtyard community and we have rather small back yards. Anyway, im sure my neighbors can see me dragging my flowering girls in and out of the green house in the morning and evenings. No clue if they have called the cops yet, but my plant numbers aren't that high at all and im 215 legal. Can't wait to leave this confined community to get some real growing done.


Nice thread mace. The girls look healthy and happy. Keep it up.
@ Rural : Thank, bro. I like to think they are happy, too bad they don't know their lives are ending in less than 45 days!

Took some more pollen to the girls today. New flowers were showing and i wanted to be sure to get as many seeds as possible. Everything looks healthy. Im not sure if the jilly Beans just naturally enjoy more Nitrogen during flower, but i have beefed it up a bit due to some lower yellowing. Also, giving microbial brewed tea to the girls once a week. Other than that, nothing to report. So let's bring on the bud porn

P.s. ATF clones seem to root in 7 -8 days. Watching my Jacks closely, but they always take longer. Trying to get a list together of expected root times for my strain stable.

Jilly Bean 1
jb 1.jpg

Jilly Bean 2

Jilly Bean 3
jb 3.jpg


ATF close up (trichs)
atf close.jpg

Green Crack (cush)
green crack.jpg

Green Crack Close up
gc close.jpg

Jack Herer Mom
jh mom.jpg

atf mom.jpg



looks awesome bro.. hope you find some killer keepers in those seeds you are makin...
good luck w/ the move too.. hope you get a nice big ranch...
...i would love to have one of those!:)
@ punkadc: Yeah, im hoping the ranch works out too. I'm really hoping the seeds cross well, the smell of both the GC and ATF should really match well with the fruity smell of jilly.

@ been: thank you, sir.

Here's a picture of some ATF flower i got from my source of the clone:

atf flower 1.jpg

atf flower 2.jpg

atf flower 3.jpg

Green crack aka Cush pollenated
gc pollenated 1.jpg

gc pollenated 2.jpg

Some wildlife in the garden:
my buddy 1.jpg

my buddy 2.jpg
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