Madmax's first grow in coco coir

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Hillbillyhaze420 he on here much.😜
Hi farmers
I am new to the group and have been watching from the side lines and learning.
I have only just completed my first indoor grow of 11 plants in soiless Sunshine#4 flowered under 2Nanolux DE og 1000w llights in a 8x16 room vegged under 600 watt single ended air cooled lamps x2 In 4x4 tents.
My return was decent I think lol almost 5pnds of decent smoke. But nnowi have a bunch of different fem seeds Barneys Bubba kush 2.0
Emerald greens headband 707 and cookies x critical, GG#4by Canuk,and barneys blue cheese. I have purchased the 4 pot auto pot system and intend on using coco pearl 70/30 with clay balls at bottom of the 15l pots. But I am having a hell of a time deciding on which seeds to go with lol, what do u guys/girls think I should grow for the first initial run on the autopots??? Also if ppl can give some pointers in regards to starting the seeds, should I use the pot up methods or should I pot up from solo cup to final etc and also I have AN nutes and GH line up should I use a coco specific nute regime or?????
Here is the video of my first grow, I had some clones from the plants that finished but I did not really like the return of plants lol I should have known as the plants that finished were clones from my outdoor and the outdoor did not turn out a big yield either lol so I let the clones die and am now wanting to go from seed. You will see in video 2 different De lights one is a powersun 1000DE and the nanolux De OG i have replaced the powersun with another of the Nanolux De og.
So any advice on which seeds to go with or advice on using the 4pot system etc would be greatly appreciated
Happy growing folks
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