Making Herbal Edibles Easier With The Magical Butter Machine: A Review

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Making cannabis-infused butter can be messy and produce an overwhelming odor. But the Magical Butter machine has made a big impact, with many praising its infusion capabilities in their reviews. We combed through hundreds of these customer reviews and believe this device stands up to the buzz.

How does the Magical Butter machine work?

The Magical Butter machine is an all-in-one countertop botanical extractor that takes the fuss and guesswork out of making perfect cannabis-infused creations. The blender, with its programmable thermostat and heating unit, grinds, heats, stirs and steeps your herbal extracts while monitoring temperature and time intervals throughout the infusion process. This means users can create a variety of delectable edibles without any hassle – like butter, oils, tinctures and much more.

Since it arrived onto the scene a few years ago, the Magical Butter has gained widespread praise for its revolutionary simplification of making edibles. Its modest exterior resembles that of a coffee maker, but with its microprocessor-controlled program sequences it provides precise results every time and can yield up to five cups of butter or oil in just two hours with minimal effort.

Are you not a kitchen herbal aficionado? You can spice up a dinner party, level up game night, or enjoy a night of self-indulgence with hundreds of Magical Butter recipes on the website and YouTube channel. Make herbal-infused candies, desserts, soups, salad dressings, sauces, spreads, topicals and salves, and more with this step-by-step guide. Your botanical dreams are just a few steps away.

Here's how it works

With its integrated digital thermostat and sensors, the Magical Butter maker packs the functionality of an industrial decarboxylation machine into a compact device. The microprocessor unit heats the machine up to the perfect temperature. With Magical Butter, you can make tinctures, oils, or butter from infused herbs for a variety of edible recipes by mixing, stirring, grinding, and extracting their essence.

Before using the Magical Butter machine, it’s always recommended to decarb your herbs to activate their potency and potential therapeutic properties. There are a few methods for decarboxylation, but the most common is the oven. You might want to consider the Magical DecarBox if you want to operate in stealth mode. The silicone shell prevents temperature fluctuation and reduces smell while baking your herb.

Guesswork-free extraction

If you've ever overcooked cannabutter to the point where all you have left is a pot of green liquid, we understand. When using a double boiler or Crock-Pot, there are many potential factors that can affect the process - cooking time, stirring frequency, temperature and filtering care to avoid nutrient loss must all be done with precision. Not only that, but lingering odors may give away what's happening in your kitchen. The Magical Butter machine makes the infusion of butter and oils effortless and accurate without any guesswork.

According to countless Magical Butter reviews, this machine saves batches from inconsistent cooking methods and eliminates the need to purchase overpriced edibles and topicals. It's also possible to control the strength and dosage of Magical Butter based on the amount of materials and strain type used. You shouldn't have to worry if your precious buds will turn into liquid gold if you follow the device's directions.

How does it work?

With the Magical Butter botanical extractor, you'll be able to make butter, oils, and tinctures infused with cannabis. In addition to the machine itself, you'll receive a heat-resistant glove for straining your product, a micron filter, a 110v power cord, an owner's guide, and a Magical Cookbook. Magical offers a variety of accessories that can be added to your setup, including the DecarbBox, spatulas, silicone molds, measuring cups, and more.

The Magical Butter machine: how to use it

The Magical Butter is a pretty straightforward process, with many Magical Butter reviews claiming it's as easy as loading the device, turning it on, and tuning it out. If you've ever baked before, this will be easy. You don't have to worry if you bake by mixing up a pre-made brownie mix with an egg and water.

The first step is decarboxylation

You don’t have to run away. It’s not as scientific as it sounds. Decarbing, as the cool kids call it, is simply heating up your herb up high enough to convert the THCA into pure THC. Heat your oven to 250°F while you break up your buds into tiny florets. Bake your herb for 30 minutes on a cookie sheet or in the Magical DecarBox.

Ingredients: Step 2

It takes between 2-5 cups of unsalted butter, 7-14 grams of botanicals, and 1 tablespoon of lecithin for butter. The Magical Chef recommends clarifying butter before adding it to the pitcher. To clarify, melt and simmer the butter, discard the milk solids and surface foam, and use only the golden liquified butterfat.

As with the butter, you will need the same amount of herbs and lecithin to cook with, but you will substitute cooking oil for butter. The device is not compatible with ordinary soybean, canola, extra virgin olive, or corn oil. It's recommended to use coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, walnut oil, sesame oil, avocado oil, macadamia, or peanut oil.

Generally, tinctures require 7-28 grams of herb per cup, 2-5 cups of Everclear grain alcohol, and 151 to 190 proof (or vegetable glycerin).

Cooking is the third step

Press the Temperature button and then push the Timer button to pick butter, oil, or tincture, and your miraculous adventure can commence. The machine will heat, mix and stir your infusion. An average cycle of 1 hour is needed for oil, 2 hours for butter and 4 or 8 hours for tincture. When the process is finished, disconnect the unit and lift off the top lid. Wear a heat resistant glove to slowly tap out the liquids from the micron filter into silicone molds or other storage containers. Use only dark glass for keeping oils and tinctures.

Cleaning is the fourth step

We tricked you. The unit is self-cleaning. Rinse the pitcher and blades after each use and fill the machine between MIN and MAX with water and some dish soap. Be careful not to submerge any electrical or plastic parts. Secure the lid and press Clean.

Here are the pros

You won't have to worry about burning buds again. Timed cycles and temperature settings ensure consistent batches that preserve your herb's terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids.

Self-Cleaning: Not only is this device easy to use, but it doesn't require much maintenance beyond a quick rinse and button press. After a quick clean cycle, you're ready to use it again.

Compared to traditional methods of making cannabis-infused butter, oils, and tinctures, the Magical Butter machine produces less pungent herbal odors.

Automatic Stir/Grind: Just set it and forget it. The machine grinds and stirs your ingredients for you and saves you time and headaches.

Here are the cons

In order to get the best results, you will need at least half an ounce of cannabis.

In addition to reducing the distinct aroma, the blender has an exceptionally loud mixing cycle, which is comparable to using a conventional food processor.

Several Magical Butter reviews report that the handle is prone to breaking. This is the only issue with the design. It is covered by a one-year warranty.

There will be no decarbing while infusing. It is possible to get a little bit of decarbing while infusing, but it will not be enough to fully activate cannabis compounds.

Is the Magical Butter worth it?

$199 may seem steep, but if you’re a frequent edibles consumer or if you’ve already tried the old-fashioned way of making edibles and need to cut through the fuss—this is an ideal purchase. The Magical Butter machine is incredibly user-friendly, meaning you can get consistent results with no hassle whatsoever. It really does give you the best of both worlds!


We bake hundreds of cookies every month and use a much better version of the MBM - the Infuzium 420. It's less expensive, just as easy to use, but much easier to clean. We have an original MBM as a backup, but our first choice is the 420.


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