Male plant isolation 2 by 2 tent

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I just ordered a 2 by 2 tent for only males.
my plan is to pop 12 - 24 regular seeds, put them in the basement into my 4 by 4 tent let them get about 1 foot then put them Into flower to show sex.
once they show sex I will kill all the weak males, keep females in the tent then put them back into veg.

After my ad hoc laymen phenosearch I want to move the one chosen male to a 2 by 2 isolation tent to collect pollen.

My main question is what’s the best filter for pollen in tents, is there any way I can close off the tent for least chance of cross contamination, I want to set this up in my basement because I keep my mothers upstairs is this enough to not pollenate my mothers up stairs. I don’t really care about the non pheno searched females left over in the basement getting alittle.
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