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Here it is, the March photo of the month contest!

If you are new to this then please read the following rules BEFORE you post:

1) Photo must be of a part of a cannabis plant. Roots, stems, leaves, flowers... any or all parts, but must be of the plant. Insects on a plant are fair game as well. Concentrates are fair game. Crazy pathogens fair game. Weird anomalies fair game. You may include a small description with your photo (strain name, flowering time, veg time, nutes used, why you think you should be the winner... whatever. Keep it fun and keep us informed as well.

2) ONLY ONE photo to be submitted by each member. To submit a photo, use the UPLOAD FILE button to the right of the POST REPLY button and make sure you add in the photo as a full screen shot, not a thumbnail. <--- this is important.


3) NO RESPONSES OTHER THAN THE PHOTO POSTED BY THE MEMBER. No banter. No "hey man cool pic!", or "whats that strain"... None of that shit will be tolerated. Keep it simple. I will delete your bullshit. Don't cry about it and don't get butt hurt when I do.

4) Only members who have entered a photo may vote in prelims, so if you want to vote... put a pic up even if it sucks.

5) All photos must be submitted by the deadline, which is 3 days before the end of the month. There will be a reminder post on the 4th to last day.

6) On the last 3 days of the month all members who have entered can vote their favorites by "liking" their top three favorites..

MAKE SURE YOU ONLY LIKE 3 photos in the thread. No more. I will know if you do and you may have to sit the next one out because of it.

You must wait until the last 3 days of the month to "vote/like" any of the pics in this thread..
If you don't understand the rules, PM me. Do not ask in this thread. This thread needs to be kept clean with photos only.

please please please please DO NOT LIKE ANYTHING IN THIS THREAD UNTIL THE LAST 3 DAYs OF THE MONTH!!!!!! YOUR "like" is your VOTE!!

On the first of the month, I will make a poll of the top three photos based on the number of "likes". Here is the example of the poll

In the poll thread a winner will be chosen by all members, even ones who did not enter. If there is a tie, then both tied will advance to the final round of judgement.
G gnome

G gnome


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Here is this Jaffa Cake BX that I entered last month now about 10 days from finish.

Here comes Spring!
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