Marijuana Industry link to Psychedelics heats up

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I picked up something recently that made me want to put a boot in some one's ass. Namely the marijuana investments circles that are now linking cannabis investments with investments in psychedelics. And by doing this they are pushing the legalization of mushrooms and even ecstasy. You know, make it as easy to get as we can get in a medical state that is not a green state. By linking their investments that puts a stain on the movement to legalize marijuana before we can get it done everywhere. I don't recommend anyone taking these drugs and I don't want them in the same medical dispensary where I get cannabis products. They don't belong there. I'm not even in a green state and they pull out this shit. Now the Republicans here will say, see? They want to legalize everything and even sell mushrooms and MDMA at the same dispensary as the pot." With the bullshit line that psilocybin and ecstasy are useful for mental health treatment LSD can't be far away. After all, the government thought it was therapeutic. "I have a note from my Doctor that I did a telephone interview with for two minutes. I want 5 hits of white blotter and two hits of window pane."
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