Marijuana News: What is it?

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The Marijuana News category is here for users to post about new items going on within' the Marijuana news world.
Some examples of what we allow in this section include:
- Marijuana legalization​
- Marijuana studies that are in the news​
- Marijuana technology news​
- Marijuana politics*​
What we do not allow in this section:
- Presidential, Government, and other non-marijuana related politics.​
- flu Related Postings
- Grow Diaries​
- Pictures of your grow​
- Questions pertaining to an issue within your grow.​
- Seed Scams**
- Sales posts (Ex: Buying lights, selling lights, tents, so forth.)​
*Politics involving marijuana are okay to be discussed on THCFarmer.
**Being scammed by a seed site is not marijuana news, and is not to be posted in this section unless it has became a news media issue. We are not responsible for seeds you do not buy on
Not open for further replies.
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