Martian's grow log: Purple urkle, Sour diesel, Blueberry

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Hello, welcome to my 3rd indoor grow :)

3x3 tent with viviosun 315 watt cmh light. 6 inch inline fan and carbon filter off amazon. Air intake is passive.

Promix soil mixed with bonemeal.

Gaia green 4-4-4 all purpose and Gaia green power bloom 2-8-4 for nutrients. However I'm also using botanicare cal mag+ 2-0-0, so this grow isn't organic.

3 strains, purple urkle, sour diesel, and blueberry. All by canuk seeds.

Soil and bonemeal


Amended with Gaia green 4-4-4 all purpose, then watered in with well water + botanicare cal mag+. I phed the water to 6-6.5 using ph test drops and ph down.

Portrait pic 2

Portrait pic 3


Topped the purple urkle and sour diesel. Also, the blueberry plant sprouted :)


I know my humidity should be higher, but when I set the humidifier to full strength it runs out too fast. Ideally I would like to get a bigger humidifier hooked up to a humidity detector for optimal VPD. With my current setup I just try to keep it above 40%. This isn't ideal but my plants seem to be doing fine with it.


20211228 141122 HDR

20220102 103029 HDR

Topped, defoliated, and tied down.

20220102 105901

20220103 134636

Purple Urkle:
20220103 134647

Sour diesel:
20220103 134651 HDR

20220103 134657 HDR

It's been 30 days since last top dressing, so I top dress again. This time I add in a lil power bloom. I amend with a ratio of 2:1.
The purple urkle and sour diesel have 8 tops each, and the blueberry is slowly catching up.

Jan 8 weed

20220108 134523 HDR
3 2
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^not sure why that last picture is there lol^ it isn't there when I edit the post.


20220108 134523 HDR


I took the blueberry plant out, it was growing too slow and was just gonna get in the way of the canopy. After more veg I plan to trellis net these two plants. I topped them again for 16 tops each.
Purple urkle on the left, sour diesel on the right.
20220112 115205 HDR

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