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Big fan of ET seeds, Grapefruit Krush is a work of art!

However, in my next run I am looking for a different flavor, I am looking for that "classic" peppery/coffee flavor. When I ran the GK I found a male that was very Bubba dominant and it had this awesome pungent scent (Even during veg).

Does the Mastadon Kush carry that peppery/coffee flavor that your Bubba has? I am interested in the Mastodon over the Bubba '76 becuase I am looking to get a little more yeild out of the final product and I know that at times Bubba can lack in that department.

Any details on the Master Kush you use would be greatly appreciated too.

Keep doing what you guys do, great genetics!


Emerald Triangle Seeds
Hi! this is one of my personal favs! Its the best of both worlds....nice effect and flavor of the master kush along with the stability and quickness of the pre-98 bubba. Keep the pm out and bugs out will result in a superb plant. Trellised or scrog'd are always good for this one and 9 per sq/m under a 600 or 1000 will yield a nice treat.

As far as yeild between the Bubba 76 and the say they are about the same, but the 76 may have a longer finish w a bit more yield, where the mastadon finishes quicker (in 45 to 48 days if you use FRASS)

cheers brother
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Sup guys. I ordered mastodon and trinity kush pick n mix fem seeds from attitude. I have one round finished of the mastodon and another harvest on 6-2. The trinity is in veg now and will start flowering on 6-2. The vigor and yeild of the mastodon is very Impressive. Rock hard buds that are possibly some of the most trich covered I have grown. I grow n dwc and I pulled nearly 6 oz off one plant. As far as the smoke it is smooth but does expand in your lungs. The only compliant I can find is it is a very faint smelling and tasting finished product. U could leave the lid off the jar and no smell would escape.

As for the trinity kush the description says old school smell and flavor so I'm hoping it comes thru in the meds.
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