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I have been fortunate to have been gifted a pack of Sour 60 auto beans to grow out. I am really looking forward to running these as they look to be very promising to say the least and with its genetic makeup its bound to be a winner.
Sour 60 is made up from Joint_Doctors Deisalryder, Master Kush from Dutch Passion, BOG's Sour Bubble Bx4 purple male, and least but not last Dj Shorts Blueberry.
I will post progress as info is available..
Sour 60 a pack
Mdamzigs sour 60 2
Sour 60 a
Sour 60 tall


Any news? I have some at 14 days old but due to my set up not delivered yet to my new place they are just under a 200w cfl and look like 7 day old plants but got 100% germ and looking nice and healthy green.
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