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Mid-west 😎. None of these will be large enough for me to establish healthy, rooted cuts before it simply gets too cold outside. That said, I am trying to get an idea of whether it's worth my time in the spring or not 😎

Pricing/availability hasn't been determined, as there is plenty of time to do so, but I DO know that if I go ahead with this venture, several people will not be too happy lol

Just an example: I've seen people asking $500-1000 for a rooted cut of apple fritter. That's fucking ridiculous, enough said.

I’d definitely take a putang, I’m assuming a reasonable price. Put me on the list please.


Hell ya bro since week two I wait everyday for the lights to come on so I can pinch a bud to get a sniff!
Some good smoke. My buddy had that cut the year it one the cup? I think he had it early 2019 but lost it in a garage fire. I miss that girl. Let me know @bubblefunk. I’ll cop a cut next year 😎 . I’m all about supporting the cause. Happy grows.
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