Medical Marijuana Users an Olive Oil Tincture has added Health Benefits

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I am female, a senior and became a Medical Marijuana Patient the minute it was legal. Marijuana has helped me with both neck pain (have avoided surgery) and insomnia – it has been a real life saver and helped me much more than opioids ever could. Opioids are horrible, make me just feel drugged and constipate me to boot. Now I have found an additional way to add more benefits when taking Marijuana

After being a smoker for too many years and having lungs that are not in that great of shape I only use edibles in the form of gummies, tinctures, and pills. I want to let everyone know what I’ve learned about the benefits of Olive Oil tinctures.

First of all, according to Ardent (the decarber/infuser that I use) Olive oil’s infusion percentage is higher than any other oil.

TYPE OF OIL: Extra Virgin Olive Oil (buy California extra virgin – laws in CA mean that the olive oil that you get meets certain standards – imported might be good but also you have no assurance like California)





OK so olive oil is great for infusions but there is more! It is actually good for you in a number of ways. Below you will find some of the benefits.

Olive Oil has been studied for many years now and scientific studies show:

  • Brain Health: Studies have shown that olive oil helps clear the plaque in you brain and may help and/or prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s.
  • Rebalance Cholesterol: The monounsaturated fat and antioxidants found in olive oil help your body rebalance your cholesterol profile, increasing the levels of HDL while decreasing LDL and lowering total triglycerides.
  • Heart Health: Olive oil should be a staple for anyone concerned with their heart health. Add it to salads or pour it on roasted veggies for a healthy meal that is rich in heart-healthy fats and antioxidants.
  • Anti-inflammatory: Olive oil is a potent anti-inflammatory food. The monounsaturated fats and plant-based polyphenol antioxidants reduce inflammation in the gut and every other biological system within the body. Olive oil has anti-microbial properties that go to work in restoring the health of the GI tract by balancing the trillions of live bacteria found in your gut
  • Cancer Prevention: Olive oil contains an antioxidant compound known as hydroxytyrosol. This phenylethanoid is a phenolic phytochemical found in the oleic acid of olive oil. Hydroxytyrosol protects the body from the development of cancer cells, specifically in the rectum and bowel.
  • Reduce Hypertension: The polyphenols and oleic acid found in olive oil relieve the pressure on the walls of blood vessels, thereby reducing blood pressure and eliminating hypertension.
Changing tinctures to Olive Oil sounds like the best thing we can do for our health.

Here’s how I do it. I take my Ardent Nova and I fill it up almost to the top with flower – big buds broken up a little, not necessary to grind into smaller pieces, just make sure you don’t have any of your big buds in there. You then just turn the machine on and wait to decarb – after about 2 hours the machine turns off automatically when the process is done. Put the decarbed weed into a sleeve (Ardent sells one but you could use a glass jar that fits into the Ardent) pour olive oil over the weed w/o over filling in case it bubbles over - put the caps on and turn on. Run the machine through the process again and then stain the olive oil from the flower. You now have you infused olive oil in the strain of your choice.


It has a nutty flavor that I find enjoyable. Especially when compared to alcohol or glycerin. It makes me feel good about taking it!!

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