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I am considering a new strain to do a medical grow. We are limited on count, so we grow so called trees. I’m looking for the best grade A smoke that will yield. Some may say high end commercial strain. Here is the list I came up with.

OG Raskal – White Bubba – I can get a clone of this, so it would be the least expensive and easiest to get. Of course I will never know for positive it is the real deal. I was told white bubba is fire and yields.

Mr Nice Medicine Man – Shanti seems to be a legend. I can get seeds easy.

Top Dawg – Stardawg – Seeds seem impossible to get, but the reviews sound fantastic.

Gage Green – Grape Stomper – High THC % and yield according to reports. Seeds are out of stock, but seem to be available.

Sannie Seeds – Killing fields or Selene – It seems everyone talks positive about Sannie. All his stuff seems good from reviews. He doesn’t seem to get the A+ reviews for some reason. We are starting out his extrema and it looks good so far.

Thanks for any help....


Personal 2 cents is that you have to give us more info about what type of effect your searching for...with that info more specific info can be general tho i think out of your list go get that white bubba clone....better to have a sure thing than pheno hunting when you are tryign to kelp sick people...peace n puffs
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