Medium nutrient lists

Best for coco?

First off, very excited about this new line of nutes. Have been following yours and another grow using it and can't wait to try myself. I have been using Botanicare PBP line for years now and am itching for a change. One thing I can't figure out just from the descriptions is which of your nutes are best for Coco growing. Could you provide a quick run down on what I should be using?


Flora Vino, Humic Fulvic, Roots, And Aminos can all be used in Coco, No worries, Im assuming you top feed drain to waste, A1 products promote Microbiological activity in the root zone, The Aminos are amazing for promoting later root branching and supplying protien, The H/F will let you feed at a Higher EC and let your plants uptake more then ever, The Roots product does just that, promote fat healthy roots, and the Flora Vino Tea can be used as a drench, Foliar Spray or both, You can continue using your PBP with A1 products no harm no foul, A1 Organic Grow/Bloom will be a far superior product compared to anything on the market today.
Yes I top feed to waste. so use the flora, h/f, roots, and aminos along with my base PBP grow/bloom? But the A1 grow/bloom would replace it right? I also Pm'd A1nutrients about coming by to pick some up.
A1 I love what you guys are doing for our community of growers. I am hoping to get 700 sq ft of organic soil and organic nute schedule. Do I also email the address listed above?