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Hi all, I thought id start a grow diary, seeing as I'm new here and have a new plant going.
This is HubbaBubba Haze auto from Mephisto genetics. I've had a lot of difficulties germinating these seeds, only one popping from each pack of 4 on both occasions.
My set up:
1m X2m greencube tent
Autopots (15L) with Airdomes,
Attis 300 light
I will add a second light in the near future.
In the pots from the bottom up, clay pebbles (5cm), Biobizz all mix (20cm) and Biobizz light mix (10cm)
I'm using Biotabs, 2 in each pot
I've discovered that my water is amongst the softest in the country, so currently trying to dial in the Cal/Mg pic of (6 week old White Widow to show that)
All advice guidance and information is greatly appreciated
IMG 20220803 112735

Hubbabubba day 14
HubbaBubba day21

Hubbabubba day21

the following 2 are my White Widow, displaying Cal/Mg deficiency, they have been treated with Epson salts, both foliar and into the soil!!
WW CalMg def 1
CalMg def2
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