Mephisto/Nightowl Tent - 8x8 - 5 Different Strains - First Grow

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Hey what is up guys?! First time poster and grower actually. I've always wanted to grow, and a couple months ago decided to go ahead and pull the trigger and start ordering shit after doing A LOT of researching and reading and listening to podcasts. Now I want to preface this post by stating I know my set up and grow plan is crazy, insane, and even stupid some would say for a first grow. And I kind of agree lol. But I am a little crazy and I like to go all in when I do something and I have some time to dive in and learn and care for them right now, so this is my set up. Made the rookie mistake of buying a kit from vivosun first and replaced the fan and one of the lights before I even started.

8x8 Tent - 18 Plants - 5 different strains.
3x vs4000 400w
1x se5000 480w
Ac infinity controller 69 pro w/8" inline fan
Aircube ebb and flow watering sytsem w/ 100g tank.
20g co2 tank with rain system and controller.

Strains: 3 Queens Banner - 3 Tropical Wiz V2 - 4 Pinot Noir - 3 Double Grape - 3 Forgotten Strawberries - Then I have 2 that I lost the labels to when they were germinating. Those 2 are either sour stomper, creme de la chem or mango smile.

Media: Seedlings started in Dakine 420 OG coco blend. Transferred to floraflex coco with a little bit of perlite. Used dynomyco at each transplant.

Nutes: Floraflex full tilt schedule - power si.

The oldest ones sprouted Feb 28. The other 2-7 days after.

I started them in solo cups. Then transferred to 1 gallons after a week. Then 5 gallons after another week. Then I topped a couple of them yesterday and today and did some leaf tucking. Currently on day 17 from sprout. I'm having issues with a few and a few seem like they are flourishing.

Here a few pics from solo cups to today...I'm posting this diary with hopes that you guys can help me when issues arise bc I have no experience or help. Im just going by the research I've done.

March 6
Mephistonightowl tent   8x8   5 different strains

March 8
Mephistonightowl tent   8x8   5 different strains 2

March 10
Mephistonightowl tent   8x8   5 different strains 3

March 12

Mephistonightowl tent   8x8   5 different strains 4

March 13

Mephistonightowl tent   8x8   5 different strains 5

March 15

Mephistonightowl tent   8x8   5 different strains 6

March 16

Mephistonightowl tent   8x8   5 different strains 7

March 16

Mephistonightowl tent   8x8   5 different strains 8

March 16

Mephistonightowl tent   8x8   5 different strains 9



So this is where I'm at right now. Thank you for reading and I hope you will follow me and help me along my first grow! I have some issues on a couple I'll post in a few! Blaze on 🔥💨🌿

Mephistonightowl tent   8x8   5 different strains   first grow 13


So here are some pictures of the forgotten strawberry I'm running that I'm not sure what's going on. They sprouted first along with the queens banner, trop Wiz and pinot noir which are all doing well in comparison. These 2 have looked like this since the beginning.

20230317 082700
20230317 082757
20230317 082806
20230317 082739
20230317 082751

Flooding 2 times a day
1.9 ec
6.0 pH
1400ppm CO2
DLI 28
Day 17
Run off ec and pH all in range.

Lights were a little low at 35dli for a few days so I raised them. Nothing has really changed. And they were like that before I raised the DLI after I added the CO2 at day 10. They started at 20dli. Raised to 28 DLI after 10 days after I added CO2. Then raised to 35 DLI after a few days at 28, noticed some stress on a couple others, so lowered it back down to 28 yesterday.

Seems like a strong plant but there is obviously and issue and idk what else to do.
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Here is a video I took this morning. If anyone could take a look and lmk if they see any obvious issues that I could do something about I would appreciate it soooo much! These plants mean so much to me now, I want to take care of them the best I can!


Turned out my lights were too close due to photon app sucking. Things have got back to normal. Topped and lst around day 15-18.

Day 20

20230319 135610

20230319 135537
20230319 135529
20230319 135524
20230319 135518
20230319 135506


Day 23 - ran out of CO2 this am. Leaf tucking every day. Need to leave them be, everytime I mess with them I break something. Overall happy how first grow is progressing. Hope to see some signs of flowering soon on the big ones. Severely stunted a couple. Light was too close. Messed up lsting. Messed up defoliating. Next run need to back off and not do so much early. Top, lst then let them be.

20230322 070042
20230322 070036
20230322 065853
20230322 065936
20230322 065947
20230322 070048
20230322 070100
20230322 065952
20230322 065944
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