Messing with seeds from my last grow

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Last hydro grow of wedding cake One of my plants produced seeds even though they were feminized, so my plan was just to see how they grew.
I had them outside I was actually going to plant them in the ground because I’ve never done that before just to see how big they would get but in the south east temps and humidity have been brutal so since I was in between grows I brought them in and put them in my 3 x 3 tent.
Not even sure how old they are anymore LOL the tall one in front left was trying to hermie but I picked the sacs off a couple times and it stopped?
The one in the back right corner has been a weird duck from day one with its leaf structure and it has some whiteshit all over it but doesn’t seem to be affecting the plant or the others so I’m just leaving it alone for now just to see what happens. I notice it’s got a little Nute burn now also.
I put them in 5 gallon fabric pots with brand new Fox Farm’s ocean forest soil under one of my Mars hydro t3000’s.
Temps get in the high 80s and humidity is in the low 60 percentage area just because it’s so hot outside and that’s the best I can do really.
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