Mexico seeks to legalize smalltime pot, cocaine use

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Mexico seeks to legalize smalltime pot, cocaine use
02 Oct 2008 20:46:45 GMT

MEXICO CITY, Oct 2 (Reuters) - Mexican President Felipe Calderon, locked in a high-stakes battle with drug cartels, wants to legalize the possession of small amounts of cocaine and marijuana, a plan that will likely irk Washington.

Calderon, a conservative in power for nearly two years, sent a proposal to Congress that would also scrap penalties on carrying small amounts of heroin, methamphetamine and opium for personal use.

Reviving a similar push by his predecessor, Calderon's bill aims to free up police to hunt for narcotics dealers and smugglers, but it could meet opposition in largely conservative Mexico as well as in the neighboring United States.

"What we are seeking is to not treat an addict as a criminal, but rather as a sick person and give them psychological and medical treatment," said Sen. Alejandro Gonzalez, head of the Senate's justice committee.

Former president Vicente Fox tried to pass a similar bill in 2006 but ditched it after Washington objected and critics both sides of the border said laxer laws could lure "drug tourists" from north of the border.

Calderon's bill would mean people carrying up to 2 grams (0.07 ounces) of marijuana or opium, half a gram of cocaine, 50 milligrams of heroin or 40 milligrams of methamphetamine would not face criminal charges.

It would also give Mexican states the power to try drug dealers in local courts, rather than at a federal level.

Drug use is much less common among young people in Mexico than in the United States or Europe, but consumption is creeping up with the growth of the middle class and as tighter border controls mean more cocaine is kept back in the country.

Calderon has deployed thousands of troops to clamp down on the drug gangs that shuttle Colombian cocaine up and over Mexico's northern border.

But cartel violence has soared as a result, killing some 3,000 people this year, including eight that died in a grenade attack, the first major strike on the public by drug hitmen. (Reporting by Miguel Angel Gutierrez)



The Mexicans just want to seperate cannabis and cocaine in their legal system, no-one I met in Mexico considered cannabis a drug as such, just something like pulque that they enjoyed, I honestly believe if it weren't for the traffic northwards, the Mexicans wouldn't be interested in cocaine, cannabis however is deeply ingrained in the culture.


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Drug tourist is funny , I can go 30 minutes from my house and get all those drugs . Legal or not I'm not driving for 3 hours to do drugs


As a mexican citizen i see drug legalization as a dual sharp sword...

In one hand... consumers will have access to better products, sanitary regulation and a emerging source of work for many people

On the other hand... criminals will be always criminals..... they will try to make easy money on any cost.... now are drugs, later who knows???

Drug tourists? just take a look on the cities near the border where USA citizen go and drink way way way more alcohol than is actually allowed in their Country


Kind of a shame they're making small amounts of cocaine legal too, just because it lumps cannabis in with cocaine - and clearly they're a world apart. Ganja never turned anyone into an aggressive, egotistical, delusional fucktard ;)

Still, it's steps in the right direction so way to go Mexico. Gordy are you listening?


This is a big step in the right direction. I've been personally effected by this. The Ex remarried to one of those cartel guys. She moves my kid to Mexico for years, I had no clue to their whereabouts. One day I get A phone call from her after years of no calls or no anything. First thing out of her mouth was they killed her man. she needs help. She starts breaking it down to me, what has happened in 10 yrs. My jaw dropped. I was in fear for my son's life and still am. The violence is way out of control. They have to take the power away from these cartels. They are killing anybody that stands in the way of their money. They have to legalize and regulate all drugs. The U.S. should do the same thing also because we are the ones with the biggest demand. I know nobody wants to hear mj be in the same category as other hard drugs but we know legalizing mj wouldn't be enough. Education to kids to everyone about hard drugs is a must.
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