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Wow! Dawg the color is sick even on the leaf edges! Nice bro! Very dope pic to start the thread with. Will have some up tomorrow, Im running a 20 light flip with 10 treys harvesting weekly, it's the only way to stay legit in MI. I'm runnin wifi, stardawg, firealien, alien kush, fly trap og, hustler og 1&2, Chemdog D haze, and fire bubba1&2.
Thanks symbiote! That right there is all chems sister, 2012 is going to be about mono crops and actually dialing in stuff rather than running everything in one room and #s suffering because of that. I have another flower room which is more personal "heady" stash and only has 2k in it.. That's where I will do all my experimenting and seed popping (if I ever get to popping lol).... I did start my outdoor seeds though tis' the season!
raw, if you dont mind... which cuts/strains have stood out to you these last 1-2 years for the monocrop lineup?

just wondering since so much dank runs through your hands... i mean, if Chemdog's Sister is your current monocrop, got me wondering what your headstash is ;)
Thanks man, I'll take that as a compliment! But tbh I've ran so much but impo I was running so many different strains I never got a good feel for them, or the abosolute best out of everything... I'm man enough to admit it! (though everything was still good just not as good as it all could've been after dialing)... As for headstash I do really really like the Chemdog 91' though but it just grows and yields kinda crappy... I may try to mono it one time though!

As for notable strains:
Mcfly(killer for yields)
Katsu Bubba(yields and quality ((my fav "kush" strain so far)))
Original D
GDP( I know not everyone likes her, and I'm not even sure 100% that mine was kens' but reguardless I liked her)
Blueberry (super killer pheno from the east coast)

I need to get to in the habit of letting things go to friends instead of killing them off though, I could go on and on but its just going to make me want to run things again, Lol

Notable stuff I've seen from friends also:
HDK's Ultimate Chemdog 91'
Sticky Ickys Wifi phenos
IBthemans Motorbreathe, and Sour Kush
SMF's Larry OG

(Yes your welcome guys', I admit defeat.. Lol j.k but I've seen you all just nail it on the head some runs with them.. Congrats)

I've only grown the motorbreathe out of them and it is fire in all ways
Here's a couple pics of my LA Confidential x Purple Kush I bred, a couple of my homies are growing em out, I got these pics from my dog Chimney420!

lapk 002.jpg
lapk 004.jpg
lapk 005.jpg
lapk 006.jpg

They're @ wk 7 bloom now, I'll take my cam thru there and get some better pics soon. This strain is doing actually what I bred it for....bumping up the LA growth, vigor, & yield. The smells are ridiculous it's kinda hard to describe but the stucture is more PK with fatter LA style nugs and the LA seems to have toughened up the PK branches substantially, this is one beauty of a plant, if they produce a tasty and very potent heavy indica buzz that's in league with it's parents I'm good!
I still have a ton of beans, I'll pop some this fall when I begin growing my Top 5 seed strains which will include:
Tres Stardawg f2.............E.T.
Alien Dawg f4.........cannarado
Sour Diesel x PK..............my '09 SD cut
I'm leaving a spot open I hope to fill it my August with a non kush/chem/og....I do have some Apollo 13 f4 from mendel/Motarebel, anyone got some potent sativa suggestions?
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