Microw Grow. Urgent Help Required!! Plz

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That's exactly what I thought with the previous one but that didn't make it through. Just want to make sure I get this one right.. These are just regular seeds I am trying with until I get the method right.. But I surely wanna learn the art to grow.. I wanna make it a hobby.. Here are the pictures of the previous one

But I did let my netpot to dry so that the roots grow this time.. Hopefully this should be it.. And also placed it very close to the ligh.
You see how they are real long? That's because of the lighting they were stretching for it.


May be you are lucky enough to have tap water under the ph range for plants.. My tap water has the ph of 7.5 to 7.2. I don't feel that comfortable giving such bad water to my seedling.. What you're saying does make sense about not feeding nutrients, will try that next time.
right my tap water is almost 10


Keep fertilizing your seedlings lol who cares I'm done trying to convince people tho, dump some miracle grow straight on em...
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All in coco perlite mix, no nutes given at all yet, straight tap water...
They were about a week from their first feeding I think, just starting to lighten in color.
where is all the coty?


My seedlings are almost dying!! need to know where am i going wrong. please help

Firstly let me make sure that you guys know whom you're dealing with.

I didn't know jack shit about growing plants. Until a month ago i saw the idea of micro growing in a cpu box was quite fascinated and was fed up of paying for weed. and decide to start growing i learn as much as i could from the YouTube guide and reached enough and decide to start. Here's what i have.

I made a wooden box of the size LxHxB 55 cm x 75 cm x 25 cm

currently using

Full Spectrum 28W E14 LED Grow Light
a normal 40W bulb (the one which emits yellow light, see the pics for reference) because the other grow light is on its way (60w LED red and blue)

Germinated the seeds successfully in paper towel and placed them in a rockwoll in a 2" netpot with some expanded clay balls. After they sprouted. i cut the plastic bottles into half and kept the netpots inside the bottle and closed with tape to get maximum humidity.
I made a nutrient solution with
ratio 2:1:1
ppm 900
Ph 5.5

i added this solution into the bottles in small quantity just so the 1/4th netpots are dipped in each bottle and closed it without letting any air. first 12 hours the seedlings seemed happy. but then over night they started looking dull
when i checked the solution the ph had gone up to 7.6 i figured that this might be due to lack of oxygen as i had closed the bottles..

I removed them out of the bottles and put them in a 4 Liter container with nutrient solution of the same strength earlier.
also installed an air pump into it. just to make sure the roots also get oxygen. For some reason the solution started turning white and the ph went up to 8 this time.

Then i guessed its because of the yellow 40W bulb which was heating up the environment in the box

so i got rid of that light and put the netpots in small containers made from bottles with very little nutrient solution this time i reduced the PPM to 700 just to make sure they get more water than the nutrients with no humidity adjustment.
and immediately drafted this post of help

This is all i have done and this where i am at.. please see the pictures for more reference.
How we looking today captain?


You had to try simple and working method if it is your first time,may be just soil and not so much water.I think you are making things more complicated,no need of that:)You don't have to feed them when they are babies,they have to develop root system first.This will be lot more easier if you just put them in peat moss and perlite in small pots or cups and if you don't over water so much.Don't play with ph and ppm so much for now;)

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