Missouri Recreational might make it the Nov ballot

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It will continue to change until all is in favor of people with money.
Idk, im sure Missouri could have done it better, but for what they did, compared to where we were, its night and day. I see them allowing everyone to sell weed, they just dont want you to have a big enough grow to compete with the big guys. So to your point, yes, but overall. . my womans felony for selling weed is gone soon, and I cant go to jail if I wanna sell weed lol. Like tell me im crazy please. . .tell me im wrong. Some of the rules are to be determined, but some of them are already set in stone. Id say most smokers are up now. . .but sure, if your not already rich, this wont make you rich. .just like powerball


We don't know what the final rules will be but I suspect they will be very close to what we had for medical grows. 6,6,6 per person. My wife and I should be able to combine and get 12,12,12, but that has not been addressed yet.
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