Moe's ASG Testing Thread

Hey all. First off I would like to say thanks to the ASG crew for letting me test their work.

Right now I don't have the space to start lots of seeds at once due to obtaining a local, but rare clone (veg space will be filled with a mother a clones of her).

So I will be starting 4 seeds at a time every so often. This is so when they move from veg to flower spots open up for new beans.

Right now I'm starting to germ 4 Zilvermist (Kali Mist x SSH). Then I will rotate to 4 Kaligria (Kali Mist x Alegria) and so on back and forth until i find a nice keeper of each or the seeds run out.

Let the show begin.
Nice to know i got some people watching the grow. :flower
Here's a little update, killed one off cuz it wasn't growing and the other 3 are going great.
Pic1: Group Shot
Pic2: ZM#1
Pic3: ZM#2
Pic4: ZM#3
well stay tuned redroot cuz this thread is going to be along one. I gave 4 or 5 seeds of each strain to a local to try. Then the rest of the seeds will be grown out here. And I think I'm upping my veg space, maybe get some t5s and really get the show rollin.


:sign0005: I bet they grow out of those fat leaves real fast.
I'm lovin the ZM. The leafs on these plants look so cool. Going to get these into bigger pots soon and start taking clones. I thinking about hitting this local strain with some ZM pollen, as long as i can find and stinky frosty male.

Pic1: ZM#1
Pic2: ZM#2
pic3: ZM#3
pic4: Mother Plant of local strain
Here is a lil sneak peak of how the girls are going. Just got my camera back but now i need batteries. I'll get a more detailed update soon. But I have to say these plants are doing awesome.
yeah, i was suppose to have moved some clones to flower. but i can't do that for another week now maybe. so i'm trying to figure out space issues so i can re pot the ZM, takes some clones and start some Kaligria seeds.

Thanks again for the letting me be a tester. I'm really enjoying this strain, and can wait to see what else will pop from the seeds i got left.
MD - Whatever you do, don't veg them for too long. Mine went to 6' fast & grew past my lights with no problem! Got my first batch of clones in flower now - at about 8-10" & topped a few to see the growing chacteristics. I found they root real fast, so fast that 3 i had in plain water before i put the others in my cloner, rooted all together - couldn't pull them apart so i just stuck them all in a rose bucket to flower together.
Good luck on your grow!!