Mold during curing process (IAMBACK)

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hey all glad to be back at the farm i been having internet problems like a bitch.

i recently finished my crop grown under 250w , DWC dr80

chocolope banging taste like that drink lilte or how ever u spell it, nice shit rocket high nice to get creative 2. 2oz or more roughly

Budda cheese smells fruity and slighty cheesy nice got a o and q off 1 cut.

cheese wreck stinks like a bitch sticky as fuck hit as shit 1 cut had more traine wreck and 1 more cheesy balls (looking buds) more cheese but both killer stone.
2 cuts in 1 oxy pot just over 2 oz's

last but not least LA Con nice high but fucking moldy .
caught it early and dried it more but still can c it.

wen u look at the cut ends of the twigs u can c the mold coming out :icon_dizzy:



well the mold is either commming before or after you chop them. if before then you gotta combat that in your room, if after then you need to get your cure and dry tech down.


use an ozone gen, put them in the room with one for 10-20min. should kill all that stop it in its tracks

if you get one, ,make sure you arent in the room while the gen is on... it will fuck you up! - turn it off for 30 minutes before you go back in the room... or even really in the house bro shits gnarly!


Your not putting enough wind on them, OR you need to break pieces down smaller.

Airflow is the root of all mold when obliged by humidity.
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