Mold found during harvest

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Total newbie so thanks in advance for the feedback. I’ll start off by saying I made a fair amount of mistakes during my first grow but learned a ton. Somehow I made it to harvest with a decent yield for 3 autoflowers (amnesia haze, blueberry, northern lights) but the dry/cure might do me in.

Here’s by current situation: throughout the grow, my RH has been higher than desired. 55-62%. I’m growing in my basement on the east coast during a hot ass / humid summer. On top of that, I light burned the top blueberry cola, which since has grown into a massively fat and dense bud.

In my 13th week, I harvested all three this morning to find mold in the middle of that huge cola. I chopped it and a couple surrounding buds that looked fine but smelled a little off and trashed them. As far as I can tell, there isn’t any visible mold on the other plants

All the remaining buds are hanging, I now have a heavy duty dehumidifier set at 40% RH and fans circulating air.

My question is: should I worry about mold spreading and try to dry them out as quick as possible or should I get them dry at higher temps (75ish) and low humidity (40%) for 2-3 days and then try to let them settle into a longer dry cure at 50% RH until ready (3-7 days if lucky)? Any help is appreciated!
Jack og

Jack og

Always a risk but drying them faster has its drawbacks. I believe u are on the right track though.
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