Mold or Harvest?

This is my first post so I apologize if this should have been in "general outdoor"


Mold. Came back from vacation last week to a bit of grey mold settling in on a couple stems under my screen. I'm growing a gg4 clone in an outdoor scrog setup (due to a complete lack of security on my corner lot- I have a tomatillo plant as cover... that's it) I managed to get that mostly under control with a blast of sulfur to the stems under the canopy.

Today, I noticed more of the fuzzy stuff show up on a couple of smaller colas up top. Its showing up between bud sites and doesnt seem to bother the adjacent buds one bit- however the stems are becoming weak where the mold is.

What should I do? Should I...

- cut my losses and chop her down in attempts to save my one and only plant for harvest? I realistically have 2 weeks to go until shes actually ready to come down. The weather forecast doesnt look... terrible.

-either cut the current stem either below the mold OR at the base. This would further risk infection (a light defoliation is what got me into this mess I think. That and a piss ton of rain)

-leave the stem/cola on there and just pull it below the canopy and blast it with sulfur again (obviously sacrificing those colas to the sulfur. Again, in an attempt to not increase trauma to the plant.

Any words of advice?

Thanks folks
I say cut them and throw out any molded buds... then disinfect the area and start a new... you could also take clones so your grow time is shortened and mist them with mild h202 solution while they root.