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about my grow , I basically have nothing I want ! Lmao I figure the first year I can play with the indoor stuff and add tools and upgrade as I go. I just wanted to start!

I thought auto flowers sounded like the shit so I bought a bunch of seeds on sale! True north seed bank and the seeds man.

I have a 2x4x5 tent with a cheap Phlizon 600 -I believe around 170 true watts and a old blurple 400 . These will be the first lights to be replaced I have 2 royal queen seeds 1 at 15 days from seed. And the smaller sick one is 25 days. In 2 gallon pots I mix my own soil, and just watered them to runoff for the first time about 4 days ago( May have been too early?) I don’t usually water till run off, I measure but to help me i runoff when needed .


2nd tent is a 2x4x6 with 2 - recordcent 1000 watt led I think about 300 true watts, same soil same seeds at 25 days and look at the difference ! Lol I really wish I would saved a little longer for a couple QB or cob lights but this is what I’m workin with for now ( I know what dads gettin for x-mas) lmao


You will see one 1 of the nl’s has a brown spot already ! Dammit man !! I think the light?! To close moved it away but have also had trouble with phosphorus and calcium ?!

My light/autoflower/nute mix isn’t workin yet but I’ll get it!! I do have one photo period gel or in the mix that actually looks the best !


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Looks a little overwatered, but not horrible, im sure its grown since.

AS for the weird coloring, im not to sure about that as im a second time grower myself, and i overwaterthe shit out of mine. so i couldnt tell you. But good job so far, thats how i did it, start slow and upgrade!


ReRead your post. SO this one was Sick? Good to know for my future grows, what to look for. Do they get better with time?


I prolly won’t be a daily poster but I’ll keep it updated as possible I encourage all opinions! Lol
Last nite I set the fan on them think I got it blowing just a little hard as they seem a little distraught but not bad I turned it down ,
The brown spots returned, yesterday moved the lights up a couple inches seems fine. I really would like the light closer, it’s about 300 true watts and at about 18” from the light I’m using the app fir a light meter at 5k but def not accurate. I will get a real meter later on this week.
So I think I’m gonna have to supplement some of these babies.
Also the drippy one got a little worse. I’m not panicking and will just let dry out more and hope for the beat? A soil issue is possible


Quick update not much change , nuthing worse for sure. So lights up was the answer!
Still struggling a little getting enuff calcium to them.
I foliage fed epsom last nite prolly will continue as long it don’t start burning ?
What happens if I mix some dolimite in my water?
Looking good! Dolomite can raise the ph which can cause other issues, why do you want to use it?
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