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Quick Q, do I need to cut a growth tip or can I just clone a leaf?


Cut a top when it grows around 6 nodes and cut through the lowest node.

Work your mother systematically as you will probably flower her too eventually and you will have to fit her in the flowering room.


Quick Q, do I need to cut a growth tip or can I just clone a leaf?
The cutting should be at least two nodes, trim off the bottom node completely from the cutting and cut off half of each of the top leaves. I have never heard of anyone cloning a leaf.


There are a few methods for keeping a good mother, I say the way you take your clones will have a big effect on your mothers size in your grow room. Start taking cuttings from the top of the plant, if you start from the bottom your plant will be encouraged to grow taller and become a huge beast. Don't take cuttings from woody stems, you can and woody tissue will still root but it takes much longer to develop the undifferentiated tissue.

You want to take at least two nodes of the newest tissue leaving behind some nodes for more candidates to grow from. If you take to many clones at once by the time the first cuttings strike your mother will have not had enough growth to produce the next wave of candidates.

If you must clone woody tissue like for example on an old plant understand it could take up to a month and to be prepared to feed that mother a lot of carbs before you make any cuts. That way she will have enough energy in the tissue stored up to make it the whole time it is developing the undifferentiated tissue.

Back to the mother, Mothers tend to degrade in quality while indoors, this is due to the artificial light in an indoor setting as well as soil biology. Plants originally developed under the sun and when you give them incomplete light spectrum indoors they cannot feed soil and subsequently feed the bacteria and fungi and then the roots. So it is like us living underground we would not be happy.

This can be remedied by a more complete light spectrum such as the sun, and a more balanced natural root-zone with all the components required to feed that mother and provide maximum sugar content to give your clones the fuel they need to endure the 10 day rooting process.

To sum it up, when you take clones build a nice soil and put one of your rooted clones in the sunlight, add beneficials and you will always have great clones that root quite readily.

When it comes to using the natural processes of the cannabis plant, such as it's ability to essentially reproduce from any cell, it is important to remember to replicate the natural environment as much as possible, doesn't have to be this way and essentially you can and people do clone all the time without the above mentioned, however if you want to keep a cut well and avoid degradation then take that above mentioned into account and you will always have strong awesome clones.

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