Mr. Brazil’s First Grow. 14th Day above ground and the aroma is already here?

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Seasons greetings and salutations fellow humans! I am Mr. Brazil! I am a person. Whatever that means.
At any given rate, how are y’all doing? Fine? Look at these 14 day old plants:

Do they look alright for 14 days, as far as size? I didn’t know what VPD (vapor-pressure deficit) was until two days ago. Turns out it’s pretty damn important. And it makes sense too. I am just glad I didn’t spend too much time ignorant of this stuff.
And for reference, take a wikihike:

Well, now that I understand what it is, I realized I’ve been sort of doing it. As a superstitious ritual of some sort. Don’t get me wrong; I read a lot of recommendations out there for light, environmental control etc, I’ve been following temperature and humidity recommendations that looked to be reasonable and common sense among some of you… but I didn’t realize there was an actual physics class level explanation; complete and involving leaf temperature, how much more moisture the air can still absorb at that temperature and humidity levels… anyway. There is a reason as to why you want to provide the right temperature and humidity for your plants, and how that changes depending on what state of life the plant is. Freaking science, man! As I just now started saying;

“Freaking Science, man!”
Mr. Brazil All Rights Reserved

And if you’re reading this right now and you are all like “whaddafuck?!?!”

Its you dude. Go . Look at this:

On that note, I’d like to ask this wonderful community for some guidance. I am seriously considering (sort off like yeah I’ve been running this since germination…) adding CO2 to my first grow because why not?

I understand. Ok? I know it all. I read it. The whole thing. I meant I read the internet about adding CO2 to greenhouse like environments.
But you know what I didn’t read? A real persons opinion on it. Someone like me. A dude (or dudette) who overdoes a little on the technical. I don’t want someone paid by Audible to tell me how it went. Dude (or dudette), if you are out there. Let me know how it went for you. Was it worth the hassle? You doin’ it? Would you recommend it?

You want to know what I think?
I’m gonna make a video about it. In fact, I’ll be documenting this growth; I’ll be adding to the wealth of YouTube knowledge on many of subject matter involving indoor cultivation of flowering plants.

Finally, my take preliminarily and at the foremost of the forefront; careful with this. I do not condone, endorse recommend anything at all. Considering you are reading this and you made it this far… it probably means you know too. So here are my impressions:
At first, I thought propane generators were the way to go. They sell 2 burner ones. They are awesome, work like a charm. However, the heat they add is unacceptable. Unless you are growing in a place you need to add heat to (and if that is the case, why aren’t you burning propane in there. You kill two birds with one gas burner. Ok, maybe the analogy lacks in sensitivity but you feel me, right?) don’t mess with it. Need the heat? Bring it. It’s Propane and propane accessories for you.
I don’t need the heat. Because I’m growing in a 4x4 tent. I have to run the AC every 15 minutes as is. So I went with the tanks.
Just one statement about the tank.

“The tank is dank, man! The tank is dank!
Mr. Brazil. All rights reserved.

There are so many advantages. Obviously heat is one of them, you add nothing in that department. Also, moisture is huge. Burning propane adds serious moisture to the air. With the tank, there ain’t none of that nonsensical jibber-jabber. I don’t know what jibber-jabber actually means. Sounds like a type of fair food. Like: “Get your fried though and your jibber-jabber right here, come right up! “ Did I mention I am Mr. Brazil and I have ADHD?
The last thing I am going to say about this is that, with the propane CO2 generator, I had a runaway effect triggered. The generator would burn for a couple of minutes, raising CO2 but also raising temp and humidity. As temp and humidity limits are reached, machinery was triggered to stabilize their levels.
The machines generate positive pressure and dilute the CO2 within the tent, causing it to leak out of the tent by pushing all air inside, outwards. This lowers CO2 levels and triggers the burner to start again to raise it once more. The cycle repeats.

Seriously, I’m just trying not to screw this up. The plants are important and it seems they are able to survive my attentions. A few more pics and a question: do they look at all different from a 14 day old plant that was not on CO2?
Mr brazils first grow 14th day above ground and the aroma is already here 4

Mr brazils first grow 14th day above ground and the aroma is already here 5
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Are you still watering with urine? They make tests to measure the amount of CO2 in your piss... View attachment 1192902
If I need to check how my electrolyte balance is going, I’ll just ask the girls, it’s a lot cheaper than this. I don’t know if it was a coincidence or not, but my plants have experienced what I can only describe as explosive growth literally the day after I did this.
Even a couple of plants that were not responding and I considered removing from the room Picked up and are actually catching up to their big sisters. All I read about is is that used sparingly and diluted accordingly, human urine is a miracle fertilizer. It is a real shame the humans in this colony here have lost their connection to the soil. I’m getting mine back. If I have to save my piss in bottles for now on. At least I’m doing it at home and not at an Amazon warehouse, like Mr. Bezos would love to record all of us doing so he can masturbate while shaving his eyebrows or whatever he does with his free time.

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