My Colloidal Silver Setup

Just thought I’d post this for interest sake. Did this a few months ago. Thought I’d experiment and make some colloidal silver. I used to build and make my own guitar effects pedals and built a variable power supply, thought I would put it to use.

I looked into finding jewelers silver wire, you end up paying a premium for this stuff and I didn’t feel like paying extra for shipping as well. Canadian mint silver boullion is .9999 pure so I went with that. Much more cost effective in $Ag/Oz

Suspended the coins with alligator clips (they cannot touch the distilled water) only the silver. Dialed up 18V as a start to see how it went.



Handy eye reference to note progress:

It’s a very slow process to start since since there is basically nothing in the water at the beginning. An hour and 20 min later can see some light yellow.


Bumped up the voltage to 28V
2 more hours later


Was kinda mesmerizing to watch as it was really going. The ethereal music was just some shitty movie on tv in the background . Small video clip attached
View attachment 43A4D3BF-F5C8-442F-95EB-61BFA844171A.MOV
I have almost everything I need to make one gotta do it soon as I wanna reverse some autos....ty for sharing just another reminder to get it done
Just a reminder if you try, At the beginning it’s super super slow and it will look like nothing is happening. If you’re using water that has hardly any ppm in it, it’s difficult at first for the current to flow. As silver ions go into the water the current flows better. If you want to speed it up, you can add some colloidal silver that you already have to help current flow before you start. Some people suggest adding a touch of salt, but that just adds contaminants. Not sure myself the impact. I just chose not to.

If you see any black, that’s not good at all and indicates contamination.