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Ok so this is my first post,But my third grow.

My first grow was to seedlings I got from a Friend,they didnt last long,second i germanated some bagseed and when they reached seedling stage my trey fell over and destroying all 6 my lil ones.


So after that i did some research on growing and after 2 months of non stop forum reading i desided to try again. . .

Ok i started with just seed from a bag thats called swazi.I stared with red sand from my complex where I stay (pre germanated in paper towel)and this is what i had

I added a few other that took longer to germanated.
next there was an unforseen event that happend,i had to leave for holiday so i desided to leave my plants out side with the tap dripping very slowly so it wouldn't dry out,as we left it started pouring,and when i came back I found it doesn't look like it stoped pouring,my plants where seriously overwater and damaged,so after reading some more forums i found it would be good to cut off the dead leaves.this is how they looked


So after cutting they started to recover (slowly).Now it was time to transplant after i saw you should transplant rather soon,which i cleary did a bit late,some of the roots broke off but i sucsessfully transplanted then.

So all my plants get sunligth in inregular intervils and i have added a very diluted feed off Seagrow nutes once and so far they look Ok.

You will note that my one plant is misformed,it doesn't grow 3 leaves but rather 2,the new ones forming also seem to cary that over,is there something i can do to rectify this??

Im soon going to go get by grow box under way,but I've got very limeted funds,so i read that 2 x 100w Cfl wil work and then im gonna add 5 x 20w Cfl to get beter ligth all over that should prove sufficiant rigth??

Becoz my grow bow is gona be in a cuboard with removed draws i can't paint,so my best option is going to be tin Foil,(I know,ive read all the forms 80% say no,but i don't have another choise,its tin foil or wood).

Can't wait to hear reply's,so plz comment on my progress so far and if theres something im doing wrong ang tips and pointers very welcome

Peace out


looking good. the only thing i might do differently right away would be to not start seedling in clay that red stuff looks like it wouldnt get much air so what you have transplanted in to start seedlings in there . thats what i would do differently what i would say is good is cfls are gonna be fine! i hope you have fun with this! anyway if you have the chance getting t5 lamps the tubes are much more efficent in the long run and they direct more useable light than a cfl if you dont have a long enough space deff go for the cfls .. i wouldnt use nutrients for 2 weeks after the seedlings have had there first leaves and after 2 weeks only if they look like they could use it............... any kind of white plastic like heavy trash bags are white plastic and that seems reflective i was thinking why i didnt just use that but im guessing it might not be the most healthy plastic it could be fine though i have no clue...... dont over water



with plant nutrients a smaller dose is most likely the better route .. less is more
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