My First Journal: Exotic's Red Runtz & In House's Ice Cream Candy

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I am getting ready to get a grow started and figured it's the best time to start a journal. I have been growing for some time now and even to this day, I am still learning. I am glad to be able to document and share this grow to the community. Hopefully I can learn more things along the way and maybe might even be able to help someone along the way. I am choosing 2 strains for this run, Red Runtz from Exotic Genetics and Ice Cream Candy from In House Genetics. Both are feminized seeds and I plan to be dropping anywhere from 3-5 each pack. I have not decided yet how many DWC plants and how many soil plants I am using for this grow. I will have that part sorted out in the next 24 hours. Anyways, going to keep this post short and simple, I'll be sure to upload my grow equipment and any information pertaining to the grow. Thanks for stopping in. More to come...


Veg light used is the HLG 100 V2 in 1000k
Flower light used is a DIY Samsung Strip LED pulling over 600 real watts from the wall.

Nutrients used will be GH's Flora Series 3 part system along with Gh's Cal-mag
Soil used is Roots Organic soil.
Will start in a Solo cup then to 1 gallon plastic pots and 5 gallon final fabric pots.

Veg time 6-8 weeks.
I will be topping multiple times.

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