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. . beautiful tread u got going der my friend, i'm loving it, fair play ok . .
today the plants start their second week of flowering. there's still no sign of sex :(. i had a few timer problems at the beginning of the week but, everything is ok now and runs like a well oiled machine. here's some pics after their first week.
this plant is from one of the seeds that didn't germ. i just decided to throw it in a planted and see what happened. it's a strong plant too. it's survived the cold winter nites and all. maybe she'll turn out to be a strong girl. she'll have extra long veg time. we'll see what happens around sept-oct.
this is a plant i took away from the others because it was smaller and didn't grow as fast. i also put it in the planter and it's doing fine.
this little guy was def the runt of the group but, it still manages to hang in the balance of things. i can't bring myself to just toss any of these plants. they all find a home somewhere.
here's the black sheep of the family all living together in harmony.

well, stay tuned next week as i'll post week 2 pics.
Nice work there User. They will be poppin pistols any moment!! I started adding the fox farm soluables this year acording to the fox farm feeding schedule and with the open seasamie, the plants always show sex within the first week of flowering but without it, I've had plants take up to three weeks. Make sure in their feeding that you have had a reduction in nitrogen and it will force them into the change. Keep up the good work!!
when i went to 12/12 i fed them their last grow big. today i fed them with big bloom so i hope by next week they'll be showing their sex. last week i foliar fed with the big bloom but, didn't water them with it. it should be an interesting week to come.
today i checked on the plants and i saw at least 4 females. it was hard to see at first but, i looked close and spotted little white hairs on one so i started looking around and saw a few more with the white hairs. unfortunately, there seems to be more males but, maybe in time i'll see more females as i didn't check all the plants. it's kinda hard checking each one because i've got tops everywhere. i caught myself checking the same plant twice. the lst worked out great. within the next week i'm sure i'll be able to remove all the males. i don't wanna get rid of them tho. i'd like to find a spot outside away from the grow area and plant them in the wild. let them grow into big trees as i'm sure they'd probably grow big if i planted them this month. they'd definitely have a long time to grow before fall comes back around. anyway, just thought i'd share. i'm really excited to see the sex. i'll post more pics soon.
ok alittle update. i've got 10 females for sure. 2 i'm still not positive so hopefully within a few days i'll be able to tell. also, i tried to make 3 clones. 1 died and 2 seem to be doing well. i've got them in clear cups but, i don't see roots yet. to my surprise, i checked on the plants that i planted outside and 1 of them was female. so in total i've got 13 females and 2 unsure.
good luck username, im just starting as well, if you have any literature you can fwd me id really appreciate it! sounds (and looks) like you know what you're doing! help! thanks!
snake, i dont think the light was ever more than a foot away. i tried to keep it close but, the footprint of the light wasnt as good when i was lower so i tended to keep it alittle high.

knewgrower, i learned everything i know online on here and both of these forums are very hepful. be sure to read as much as possible. if you're looking for a book marijuana growers insider guide by mel frank is great. i'm reading that now. it's alittle old but, still very helpful. just read and dont be afraid to ask questions. many questions you'll have have been asked before. use the search and if you cant find an answer ask. the people on these forums are very helpful and friendly. if you have any questions feel free to ask and i'll answer as best as i can.
ok well as of today the plants are finishing their second week of flowering and are moving nicely into their third. i've still got 2 plants that i'm not quite positive about. i know i've got 10 females for sure. the other 2 look like they've got flowers but, i'm waiting on the white hair (what's the technical name?). i don't see any pollen sacks so i'm thinking they must be late blooming females.

the 2 clones that were doing well aren't doing so hot anymore. i'm thinking the rooting horomone i have is shite. i know it's old but, i dunno if that has anything to do with it. gotta get some more and make some successful clones before it's all said and done tho.

the outdoor female (sorry for not posting a pic) is still doing well. i'm thinking that as the days get longer it'll revert back into veg. next fall i should have one hell of a plant. since i played with lst on the indoor plants i'll probably top the outdoor.

you'll notice in the pics some have nute burn but, overall they look ok. they're getting pretty tall so within the next week i'll probably start lst...again. you'll also notice i repotted them. i just kept thinking bigger root = bigger bud so into the pots they went. unfortunately i didn't have enough pots or room for all the plants to be repotted but, it'll be ok.

future plans are to clone, clone, and clone. i wanna try and get 10 clones going nicely (wish i had room for more :( ) and have a perpetual grow. how long to you veg your clones before flowering? i'm hoping to flower the clones after 5-6 weeks. less if possible. i'm really hoping to yield 2 oz from each plant. any advice you guys can give me to help me reach my goal would be greatly appreciated.

here's what you're waiting for....

well tomorrow will end week 3 and begin week 4 of flowering. i'm half way through...hopefully. today i lst'ed the plants again. they're looking great. it's gotten really cold the last few nites and the fans have been left on. some of the plants leaves were alittle droopy looking but, all in all they're ok. i also found the last male and tossed it. luckily the pollen sacks hadn't popped yet. i also tried to make 3 more clones. i'm using the compressed pellets and rooting horomone. i'm really hoping it works this time. i wanna veg them for a month and do alittle guerilla farming. here's the pics.
here's the female that's been outside. doing well. think she'll reveg as the days get longer. maybe i'll be able to get alittle bud from her.
here's the pollen sacks of the 2 male house plants i have. these things are making pollen like crazy. i thump them and pollen floats to the ground.

well all, this is it so far. i'll post some pics of the week 4 progress next week. hopefully the clones will have taken root.
beginning of week 5 and alittle bad news. a few plants look like they're dieing. i haven't watered in about a week. the leaves of a few of the plants were really droopy. i checked the soil and it was bone dry so i saturated the soil of every plant. i also trimmed a few of the leaves and did some general manicuring.

i had 3 clones going. wasn't sure if they were going to root or not. one didn't root and the light fell on another. i pulled it from the grow cube and felt roots. the third and final looked ok. couldn't really see a root and sure wasn't about to pull it out to see just incase. looked closely and saw a little white root sticking out about a 1/16". so today i started 4 more clones. hopefully these will be ok. i also started 20 more seeds. 16 have sprouted. will veg those for a few weeks then plant outdoors...guerilla style.

don't think i'll be growing indoors this summer as the temps in my grow area get over 100 degrees. will order some seeds next fall and start over. for now just gonna do alotta guerilla farming. hoping to get 100 plants out in different areas.

here's the pics. notice the droopy leaves. looks like they needed water although i have no way to compare. this is the first problem i've really had with them. let me know if you think it's something more then just underwatering.
Well, they def. look like they are thirsty!! But they are huge!! I'm sorry that I haven't checked in on your grow lately but you sure are working it there. I saw your male palnts there and was wondering why you are holding on to them there? Be careful not to carry pollen into your girls on your clothsand stuff or all your hard work will turn into keep up the good work, keep up your watering, and in a short while you will be rewarded for your eforts!!
all they needed was alittle h2o. they're purked up today. looking good and full. the male plant was a house plant. just something to look good. it's in the backyard now. will probably cut it soon. when do the buds start to gain size?


they are looking good username09...they should explode anytime...depending on genetics i guess...
Well, they def. look like they are thirsty!! But they are huge!! I'm sorry that I haven't checked in on your grow lately but you sure are working it there. I saw your male palnts there and was wondering why you are holding on to them there? Be careful not to carry pollen into your girls on your clothsand stuff or all your hard work will turn into keep up the good work, keep up your watering, and in a short while you will be rewarded for your eforts!!
I agree man, Your plants afre doing good, other than the Underwatering... Be careful to not do that too many times in bloom man, because it can make them throw out pollen.. They can get stressed enough to go Hermie on you and then you will really have a problem bud... You keep a nice clean area it looks like you have a lot of work put into your Girls and boys..

And about the Male in your room there is that Male gonna be there for Pollenating your Females or is it in another room? Be careful with him too man, JANSJUKEBOX, is right about the male... Take care bud, Peace harmony and continued blessings...


Whats up user i have been following your gro and damn they look good lol. I WANT TO SEE SOME BUDS!!!!! keep up the good work bro.
thanks for the kind words guys. i'm hoping the buds explode soon. they'll get another does of nute monday. looks like i'll have to feed them twice a week now at least. i think it was less than a week last time and those few started wilting. the male plant is now gone. i just kept it because it was big, healthy, and pleasing to the eye. i was kept inside the house in a room then taken outside. i tossed it a yesterday tho. i've got about 20 sprouts and 6 clones i'll be working with. gonna do some guerilla farming and hopefully get out about 100 plants in numerous locations throughout the summer. i'll probably start another thread for that.