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Hello all, I’m 35 years old and from the Louisville, KY area. I work in the electrical line industry—ensuring that your homes have adequate electricity to run your grow lights! Ironically, prior to becoming a lineman and marijuana farmer, I was a police detective in a large metropolitan city tasked with investigating narcotics. Hopefully no body blackballs me or calls me a fed as that chapter of my life is closed.

I personally don’t even smoke marijuana. I’d like to, but my job requires a Class A CDL/Crain license and I make too much money to lose it over a rando drug screening.

My interest in growing marijuana began when I got involved with my woman, who is an avid smoker of high grade pot. I full admit that I’m a beginner and first time grower and I will be looking for all the tips and knowledge you’ll have to offer.

I’m currently on my first indoor marijuana grow using feminized seeds from SunWest Genetics. My grow is approximately 6 weeks post germination with three plants that so far look to be very healthy and doing very well.

Nice to meet you’ll!
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