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Hey everyone,

Im new to THC Farmer and just wanted to introduce my self to the community.. Ive never been a part of a forum before so im not sure what to expect. Im hoping to expand my organic grow knowledge and also maybe help the new growers with basic questions.
I just completed an OG Kush grow and Boy! it was a little different. This pant seemed to be more sensitive to environment (temp, Humidity) than any other plant Ive grown. Also The intensity of the light seemed to bleach the leaves at lower levels than Ive experienced in the past. I dont think the flowers developed to their full potential but I still made decent weight.

Strain: OG Kush
Background: Clone from Local dispensary ( Green Dragon in North Holywood ). Green dragon has a whole team dedicated to pheno hunting and breeding.
Soil mix: Fox farm Ocean forest soil, compost , earthworm castings, perlite, Down to earth Rose and Flower, Azomite.
Pot Size: 15 Gallon fabric Spring Pot
Grow room: Mars-Hydro 4x4 grow tent
Lights: Mars-Hydro SP3000 x 2
Veg: 6 weeks
Flower: 9 weeks but could have gone to 10
Dry weight 10.2 OZ

This plant mostly just received RO water and occasional compost tea. No fertilizers other than what was put in to the soil mix and I did not PH the water or compost tea or ever check run off


always great to have a new farmer join! love the pics, keep them coming!
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