My Perpetual Shenanigans: Grow Log #1

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Howdy everyone...I wanted to start a journal and log my grows. This upcoming grow, I am looking to take clones from plants being flipped, then select what clones to do an entire grow on based on how the mother plants come out. So with that being said, thanks for stopping in, I'll get my grow info and strains in a moment. Glad to be a new member here and looking forward to chatting with some very smart growers here. Stay tuned!!!


Grow Areas:

2x2x5 propagation station
32in x 32in veg tent
2x4 flower/male tent
4x4 transition/flower tent
4x8 flower room


Strains are as follows:

Deluxe Sugarcane, Ice Cream Candy, Slurricane, Platinum x True OG, Platinum x SwabiPakistan & The White Giant from In House Genetics.

Red Runtz and Runtz S1 from Exotix Genetics

Dragon's Stash from Dragon's Flame Genetics

Banana OG x Purple Punch & Purple Punch from Symbiotic Genetics

Wedding Punch x Tropical Zskittlez from Tikimadman

Peanut Butter Breathe from Thug Pug

Gelly Biscuit and Double Tap from Solfire Gardens.
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