My Plant / Sea Of Green / 16 Tops

I would call a plant with sixteen colas something along the lines of monster cropping.. that is basically my main goal out door wise.. sea of green is a bunch of 12 to 18 inch plants that were cloned then veg`d and flowered to achieve your sea of green.. uncropped plants, fast flowers.. sixteen colas was alot of training and veg time no? Ive stressed plants to the max and rarely had herm flowers, even though those seed produced fire meds, Your Plants are a absolutely stunning :) b. Creole
Monster cropping is taking clones in flower and revegging them.
The information that can be obtained here at THC Farmer is worth more than the average forum surfer would realize.. its like college, all day at work all I can think about is gardening.. Namaste b creole.
Got to agree you are doing much better this run. I told you not to be discouraged by all the crazy stuff on your last run. I’m still making mistakes. Lots to learn. You’re doing good though. I’m struggling through a handful of revegs now. I cloned the big plant 4x