My poor children. New grower.

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Hello all,

greetings and thanks for taking the time to look at my post. I’m a first time grower, located in the south west US and I have run into a bit of issues. As stated, I am very much new to gardening/farming in general and was nervous to even make this post, but I know it will help me. Here are three auto flowers I popped back on around March 30th.

I planted them directly into 5 gallon pots, as I had read from various sources it was a good idea just to avoid transplant shock. Being so new at this, I didn’t want to stir the pot if not needed and opted to plant directly into FoxFarms Ocean Forest and only watered until it started to flower. Once it began to flower, I used the TechnaFlora starter kit and fed based off the information on bottle (was told I should have used less than the recommended amount).. after that first week I had to leave town for a few days and only asked my girl friend to water them once, the plants looked kinda roughy when I got back and I gave them some microbial (real growers) and gave them their feed as scheduled (probably this where I messed up?) after the second feed is when I started to see issues towards the end of week 2, such as the burnt tips and such so I started to give only phed water and after a few more days we are here in the middle of week 3 and this is what they look like. They got watered yesterday and the Ph in water but have not been given the feed as I’m a bit confused on what I should do. I will mention I broke my ppm meter at week 1 flower so definitely some neglect on my part.(I’ll also add, I’m pretty sure I stunted their growth because I had the light on too high during early stages, what a klutz , I know)

I began reading google and after reading various pages I begin cutting off affected leaves (dumb move? Possibly. I’m making more time to read up more on the subject) so that’s why they look the way they do, my dudes.

I’ve always been a visual learner and had to just jump into it so I can begin to grasp the process and learn.

im sure you will have no issue telling the 3 plants apart, but what’s your opinion guys? Are these babies still salvageable? I accepted that I might fail but only makes me want to try harder and be better on the next one.

thanks again for your time.


HLG 650R
6” inline duct (exhausting to attic)
Temps & Rh usually 76-80F - 50-60%RH


Your plants may be small, but they look fairly healthy and near ready for harvest.

Next grow, you want that tent full of greenery. Since you have a tent and can control light, consider photoperiod plants next run. YOU decide when they're done vegging, which is a big bonus. An even bigger one is being able to keep cuts of special plants.
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