My Seeds Keep Getting Intercepted (MSNL)

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I ordered some seeds from MSNL over a month ago with their delivery guarantee. I waited 10 days after my seeds arrived in Chicago (the tracking status stopped updating) before reaching out to their customer service. Their response was quick and they stated that the package had either been lost or intercepted. A couple days later they sent out a second shipment. It's been sitting in Chicago for over two weeks now. I asked for a refund over a week ago and they asked that I wait to the weekend. They've stopped talking to me apparently. I've sent two unanswered e-mails over the past couple of days. Nothing.

Has anyone experienced this before? What can I really do about their nonresponse?


Yep. I've never received anything from outside the US, always caught up. Eventually, you'll get the envelope sealed with customs tape and a letter explaining it was opened with items removed (seeds).

Consider ordering from inside the US, plenty of places next time.

As far as your money, thats a learning lesson. They wont be refunding you as we're all aware of the risk. Furthermore, read their disclaimer on the bottom of their front page.
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