My Weed Growing Operation in a hybrid soil/pertlite system

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So I reset the 30"x60" and have a Cotton Candy Cookies on the left, and 2 clones of the Frostette #2 in the middle and on the right. I just transplanted these so they are a little droopy. All vegging.
PXL 20240303 215904739

Also reset the 48"x48". In this case, I have 2 clones from my Frostette #1 and 2 clones of my two Snowdrift phenos. I broke one of the stems on the Snowdrift #2 (middle front) but it's early enough that I can make up with some veg time added on. Snowdrift clones on right and middle. Frostette clone on left.
PXL 20240303 215940872

The 60"x60" is coming along. Day 48 of flower. Here are the some budshots from the Frostette and Snowdrift plants from seed.

Frostette #2
PXL 20240303 220112878PORTRAIT

Snowdrift #2
PXL 20240303 220037085PORTRAITORIGINAL

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