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As you may know i have another thread for my other grow but i though i would make one for the auto-flower grow. I plan to plant out 4 plants in early may time and make some seeds then grow the seeds which i make in july time.

A friend has sent me a few seeds from his auto-flower breeding project. It is a cross of two very well known strains known for crystal production. So i hope to make some seeds this year and see if i can add my own little touch to this nice plant.

The plot is south facing and gets a lot of sun light with plenty of cover. Im currently doing a soil test as i plant to mix this soil with the shop brought stuff. The plants will be grown in 11L pots which will be put in the ground.

Thats it now until april time. so good luck to all of you guerrillas and happy growing Peace


looks like it has great potential, best of luck to you.
i'm now wondering if ppl have pollen for sale????
i have never raised a male plant [intentially] & so i have no source of pollen....


Mystery ............ So whats the cross ???? Looks like a nice spot to grow. I too am doing a auto flower grow outside. I think we both are on the same page. I will be growin mine in 3gal pots. Totally organic. Im doin the Lowryder 2. If I come up with a nice male I will be doin alot of breeding with him. My goal is to shortn flower times of some of the 9 to 10 week strains that I have. And just maybe get lucky and have that auto flower gene pass along and make the auto themselfs. Good luck with your grow this summer brother. I will check in from time to time to see your progress.

Stay safe out there......................... GG


I have never grown an autoflower plant. I have heard many negative things, but most threads I have ever seen show the opposite to be true. I will be keeping my eye on this thread for certain!
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