Has anyone ever grown Narkush from Seedsman?

I'm thinking of working up a new strain. I want to put some type of Kush with my Sweet Durban lady.

This is the description from Seedsman:

"This strain is a pure indica f1 hybrid cross of two vigorous strains from the Hindu Kush Mountains; one of the places cannabis was thought to have originated from.

It grows very well both indoors and outdoors although, keep a good eye outdoors as it can be susceptible to mould. It can be grown well in a see of green set up.

Narkush has large dark leaves that show off its pure indica genetics perfectly. It is a good resin producer with resin glands appearing not just on the buds but down some of the bigger leaves too. This is another great strain for hashish production, especially if it has been grown under optimum conditions inside.

We named this plant Narkush due to its heavy narcotic effect that makes anyone smoking it feel heavily body stoned. This is a great strain for anyone with sleeping problems."

I grew it last year. Half didn't sprout, had 2 girls that the smoke smelt and tasted foul and the effect was not sleepy or potent. I was happy with most of the seeds I bought last year but narkush was one of the most disappointing purchases of the last decade.
Wow, thanks for the warning. I think I will use a different Kush.

What is your favorite Kush? All around favorite, not just smoke. I am developing an outdoor strain, so keep that in mind.

I am crossing it to a very special Durban Poison. I'm kind of thinking Afghan Kush. I want to keep these genetics simple, for ease of stabilizing.