Need a little help figuring out what setting I should have my exhaust fan on

I have a 32x32 tent that is like 5.5 feet tall which I figure to be around 40 cubic feet. I have the 240w kingbrite quantum board led with the ac infinity 6" fan with filter. The fan has 8 speed settings on it and I run it on setting 1 and it pulls in the sides of the tent a little and keeps the tent around 77f and 60% rh on there. It looks like the first setting is like 44 cfm and setting 2 is like 88 cfm and setting 3 is like 132 cfm on up to the setting 8 on there. I am now thinking I may need to turn the fan up some to make sure it is moving the air in the tent enough to try to prevent mold in the tent on there. I would rather not turn the fan higher than the setting 2 or 3 if that is enough cfm though I definitely do not want mold in the tent on there.

I have read on different websites that say different things about how many times per minute you want to replace the air in the tent with your fan with from 1-3 times per minute or 1 time every 2 minutes on there. How many times per minute do you recommend? How much does the carbon filter reduce the cfm of the fan? Is it like half? I have the filter then a 90 degree turn with a few inches of duct to the fan then a 90 degree turn with a few inches of duct up out the top of the tent. How much do you think that reduces the cfm the fan is doing on the setting it is on?
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I've never turned any of my exhaust fans down. I buy the fan I need and run it I full the entire time.

There are a bunch if rules about this take this % airflow and adding this does that.. but like most things, it depends.
I use 3x3 tents, and use a 4" 200ish cfm exhaust fan with filter and a couple bends in it and it pulls the sides of my tent in too.

As long as your temperature and humidity are being removed fast enough, the fan is doing its job 👍