Need Electric Help: 4x4 Arctic Alpine 12 with 12 CXM22 Cobs

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Newb here.

Looking to set something up for a 4x4. Mixed "greens" and some vegetables in preperation for Spring.
I have no idea how many lights Ill need or what drivers to use for my setup. I just know I wanted to go with active cooling and these were a deal
Just purchased 12 of these Arctic Alpine 12 COs from ""

So I have 12 of those coming in. I was considering using the CXM22s in conjunction with them as I hear they are the best ones (correct me if I am wrong).
I do not have a aluminum framing system built and not having any sort of machining or metal working experience I am willing to postpone that and just have the lights hang as singles at current.
I was considering ordering these from cobkits
3x Luminus CMX22 4000 80 CRI (flow. supplement)
3x Luminus CMX22 3000 8O CRI (veg. supplement)
6x Luminus CMX22 3500 90 CRI (constant general full spectrum)

12x Ideal holder for Citizen CLU048 series and Luminus CXM22

Unrelated but if anyone has input on organics thats kewl too as...
Im also going to be growing mostly from organic compost and yard dirt after my seedling establish themselves in coco coir. I have a Worm Farm that can produce compost tea and has 3 trays of black gold already waiting for me to plant with it, but Im worried it may be too rich and harm my plants depending how I use it. If anyone has experience that would be a huge plus. I also have a bubbleponics already set up from repurposed proten bootles and net pots with clay pebbles, which is retird from a Wasabi grow project that failed early...mainly because I really have no idea what to dose. when to dose. or how to properly dose nutrients yet. Needles to say bubbleponic wasabi was not easy, and Im a newb to the indoor game, given that I figure Ill take baby steps and just stick with mother nature/organics that I use in my regular garden while I figure out lighting and ventilation etc correctly this time around.

So really Id like to know what everyones opinion is on the correct electrical/driver(s) setup I should use
whether my method of doing 6 full sprectrums 3500s constantly and swapping in 3 4000-3000 (dependant on the respectice cycle) a good idea.
Ideally it would only be 9 lights on in use with 3 sitting on standby for the coming stage. I suppose I could do all 12 but I think it would be overkill and I wasnt planning on having more than "4 herbs" in at a time in , what do you guys think?
Maybe you can hit me with you green thumb and rub some of your midas touch onto me! Any little bit is appreciated.

I realize it would be a shame if I messed up the electrical and lit my house on fire. I figured Id come to the pro desk and get some techinical support.
Hit me with your best shots. Which Meanwells models should I get, how many, is there anything I should watch out for?
Also, How can I have the setup in such a way, that should a fan ever fail, it would disconnect power to the cob associated with it?
I am not an electrician, but I put together a Rapid Led Planted Freshwater 40B LED fixture two years ago swell enough... granted everything then came together with neat instructions,courtesy of RapidLED, who I strongly recommend for all your aquarium lighting needs.
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