Need Electrical and HVAC advice for a new 6,500sqft grow

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Original poster here and wanted to thank you all for your insight and warning. Joining the industry and learning the passion for growing quality cannabis has been daunting, but a welcome challenge. We definitely appreciate all the advice and explanations that you have given!

Since the time of posting I have completed the majority of the remodel/ build out and have about half the facility growing.

A few hurdles remain, however.

One, how are other commercial growers providing an adequate flow and supply of RO water to their facility? I'm running a HydroLogic Evo 1000GPD from my well (hard water, about 800PPM) and outputing about 750 GPD of RO. I have 5 330gal tanks that I use to store and deliver nutrients to hose bibs found in each of my rooms at the moment (hand watering).

I'm wondering if there may be larger or higher output units that you'd recommend, or if perhaps I should look towards storing more RO to meet my demands?

Another topic, I'd love to hear your recommendations for fertigation. I have 3/4" lines going from my tanks via 3/4HP Submersible pump delivering to each room, with diaphragm pumps immediately before the hose bib to restore PSI.

I've been looking at using Trolmaster controllers paired with solenoids, but I would love to know what works.

Once again, I greatly appreciate your time and knowledge.

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