Need help on a diy hydropnics system

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I'M TRYING TO BUILD A Multi Flow 24 Pot System WITH 3.5 GALLON BUCKEST TWO 50 GALLON Reservoir TWO ACTIVEAQUA COMMERCIAL AIR PUMP 12 OUTLETE TWO co Plus 1267 GPH water pumps that what have what i dont have is tubing and fiting . i have seeing alot of them online but i want the best so it will work the best sizes and what kind would be helpful and some input on how to sutup the Controller. If you think of something better i can get let me know. I have 4 1000w hps on 4 light rail movers . one last thing if i setup the system in three rows with this 4 light on movers hanging vertical 1.5-2 feet away from the plant. imo i think this would be the best of both worlds let me know what you guys think.


I think thats great.

IMO the best system is one your build.

You can setup the controller anyway you want, water cycles are based on plant needs and system water levels.

Mo lights mo better and a mover just gets u more coverage not more light


The bigger your fittings and hose the less your pumps will have to work to circualte the solution. I went with 1/2 in id on my first setup and switched to 3/4 id for setup I have now. Night and day difference.

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