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I will be in my new house the first part of august and I wanna start now on my room build by ordering everything I will need. Since my plant count can only be 12 I wanna do vert 4 plant 5 1k's. Thinking 3 rooms identical to each other.

Style of grow is going to be coco dtw. 70/30 coco to perlite.

Light lay out will be,
X=lights, O=plants
6 weeks veg time, 3 weeks under a 1k then another 3 weeks in the vert room. I wanna get at least 1.5lbs per plant. So my question is how big should I build my flower rooms 8x8, 10x10, or 12x12?

5 nanolux 1k ballast
5 genesis 1k bulbs
5 25' vert cord sets
I was thinking of using light rails to move the bulbs up and down that way the bottoms would get hit to, what's your thought on doing this?

Heat and ac going with a lg 3ton mini split unless someone has a better idea.

Dehumidifier going to be a Santa Fe compact 2.

4 15gal geopots unless airpots are better and should I go with 15gal or bigger?

4 halo watering rings 9" or 12"? Using a 4 outlet flip a nip manifold to feed the halos. What size water pump do I need to get?

4 plant saucer caddies this way I can move/turn them any time I want with out hassle.

Co2 I was thinking about doing a burner but after seeing tk using 50lb tanks that sounds better but if I can't what's a good burner and does anyone use the propane burner?

For air circulation how many wall fans should I get? For the bulbs what's the best floor fans to get?

Got a few more questions but it's late, and need to get to bed.

Tree Guru

12x12, honeywell floor fans, minimum of 4 wall fans, line your walls with a reflective material...i prefer "orca". Also hang mesh fencing from your ceiling, gives you something to tie off to heavy branches during late flower. I would double stack lower wattage bulbs before using a light mover, but its not nescessary. You should easily achive your goal of 1 1/2 per tree with said equipment and veg time above!
Texas Kid

Texas Kid

Some guy with a light
So your thinking about running Nanolux fixtures amd taking the reflector off them to basically get a 360 degree array ? and then moving them up and down mover mounted vertically?

12 plants is 6 in veg and 6 in flower, so really if your following the law you can have no more than 6 plants in flower at any given time

1.5 a plants is easy cheesy but that's only a 6lbs room with 5 DE lights and we are pulling up to 3.8lbs a light with Nano's which is closer to a 18-19lb room with the same lights.

I would re-think what your doing a little and see if there is not a much better way to do it


@Tree Guru thank you on the info, are you talking about these honeywells floor fans..

I think my room now has panda film covering everything now but I'll check into the orca film. Fencing on the ceiling is a must, don't know who came up with it but thank you..

@Texas Kid glad you stopped in, I was going with the nanolux og 1k ballast. The part on the bulb being on a light mover was just a idea. didn't really now if it would work. Just was thinking instead of double stacking the bulbs us a light mover..

The law on plant count is just 12, doesn't matter what's in flower or veg. I was going to have 8 in flower and 4 in veg, harvest every 5 weeks or so depending on strain.

I'm running 3 4x4 tables with 1000de bulbs in ac/de hoods now. Ever since I've started this move I've been trying to get 3lbs a table but can't with 8ft ceilings. I have lowered my plant count to 5 per 4x4 and still can only get 2lbs a table.

If you have any ideas I'm totally down to listen.
Big Whodi

Big Whodi

Yo LP, good choice on going with this style, in my opinion.

For the fans, all you need is a Honeywell HT-908, placed on the floor, under each bulb. Shouldn't need any wall fans. These fans and your AC will create good airflow all around the room. I would also use ORCA or reflectix insulation on the walls in a 10 x 10 or 12 x 12.

Definitely a good idea to hang that chicken wire on the ceiling above plants and you can use those plant yo-yo's to support large branches, or just some basic string to tie them to.

I haven't done this style in a sealed room but I'm thinking you may need a good humidifier during lights on for optimal growth and health. It can be challenging keeping humidity up in bare bulb rooms, especially if you are aiming for 60-70% humidity. A basic humidifier found at the store won't be good enough. For that reason, I recommend a Hydrofogger or a DIY humidifier with ultrasonic foggers. (the house of hydro) sells reliable foggers. You will prolly need a 6 or 9 head unit per room. Hook it up to a humidistat.

Make sure the AC you plan to purchase has a low-ambient kit installed so it can operate in cold climates, if you need. No real experience with minislpits but I've been reading that you must keep the filters very clean (every 2 weeks) or they will clog up, lose efficiency, and mold spores will be all over your room. No experience with c02 burners but based on what I've observed, Sentinel and Green Air make good quality burners.

As far as watering the plants, I've never used Hydro Halos. I always design manifolds out of 1/2" or 3/4" poly tubing or pvc and run a couple 1/4" feed lines to each plant. A 700-1000GPH pump should be enough, in my opinion. Some good timers that can operate in seconds, instead of minutes only, are MistKing timers and SuperFeeder ACDT-20.

You mentioned you plan to use 15 gallon containers for your plants. If using coco I recommend 10 gallon containers for large plants. Coco does best with multiple feeds per day once roots are established and 10 gallons of coco with timed feeds can grow very large indoor plants. I do recommend Geopots.

Are the Genesis bulbs legit? I've seen them but I always buy Hortilux or Ushio Hilux. Very good bulbs. For veg I recommend a couple of Sun System LEC 315 lights. You can veg the first 3 weeks horizontally before going into your vert rooms.

Finally, for harvest, I recommend 5 gallon food grade buckets with gamma seal lids and boveda 62% humidipaks to store all that dank you will be harvesting! I wish you much success in your journey.


@Big Whodi thanks for your input, going to order the 908's for sure. I already have 3 wall fans I'm going to use. More air circulation can't hurt.

Chicken wire on the ceiling is a must. Going to get some 1x1 to staple it to..

I have one humidifier I use in my drying room that works well, but I'll look into doing the foggers. At least have something on standby just incase. Good looking out on this..

For heat and ac going with a 3ton lg works done to -4degrees. I just hope it can stand mi winter months..

I wanna use gavitas 600 se 400v bulbs since all they are is de bulbs in a e39 housing. Maybe after my first harvest I'll try it out. But for the genesis bulbs they work fine, bought some awhile ago and didn't lose any weight on the Harvest so I'd say they are great since only $50 a bulb.. For veg lights I'm going to use my de for the 3 week.


I do know a tricky ass way to use a mover in a horizontal mount to make lights go up and down vertically..
Am I having a stoner moment over thinking it? Or do you think having the bulbs move up and down not a bad idea?

Seed Buyer

Your limited on plant count but not lighting. That 3 ton ac will cool more than 5 lights. I would use the HPS lamps vertically mounted but maybe hang some LEC's or smaller HPS lights over each plant horizontally.
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