Need help sexing my first grow - think it’s a herm

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Hey all - First time posting on this forum!

Need help figuring out the gender :)

Grown in FFOF, it has been looking healthy it’s entire life and at first I thought it was male, but the stipules on the new growth look pretty feminine to me. The 2nd picture, which looks male to me, is on the very bottom of the plant. It had 4-5 crossed stipules but as they matured they seemed to unravel.

Temp: Day 72-78F Night 65-70F
RH: 45-65%

I waited to top until last week because I was afraid of making it go Hermie. Day 53 from germination. Flipped to 12/12 one day ago. Under 100w Viparspectra grow light.

If it is a herm, should I expect flowers at all or should I eventually kill it? It’s my first plant and is beautiful so that would suck but not sure what to expect at this point. Hoping for seedy flowers?
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