Need Help!! Siamese twin sick!

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Hey guys so this the my second time growing so go easy on me. I’m rocking a 4x4x7 tent with 5 photo period plants. 1 green crack (Siamese twin) 2 chocolopes, and 2 cherry pies. We’re on about week 9 of veg however during the 2nd week, the light died and these guys were subjected to 4-5 days with no light and cold temperatures. They all recovered growth wise and get chugging along however the Siamese twin (green crack) and one of the chocolopes have had some issues as you can see in the photos. At first I thought it may be light stress so I rotated the pots around and after a week or so the plants placed directly under the 1000W LED showed no signs of light stress so I think it’s something else. I’m using fox farm ocean forest soil in 7 gal pots. I’m using 4ml of both Sensi growth A + B, per gallon of distilled water. I have fan blowing around inside the tent, a fan outside pushing air in, and an exhaust fan. All plants get fed the same amount, at the same time, so I don’t really know what’s causing the deficiency if that’s what it is. Also I guess an opinion on when I should flip into flower would be nice, as these plants are very bushy even after pruning however their only 10 inches tall, one is around 14inches. Temps are about 55-60, rh is about 40. If you got any ideas what’s going on with these guys let me know what I can improve!


Magnesium deficient, add epsom salts to a few feedings.

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