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Garden of Dreams Seed Co
You should look into A1 Nutrients here on the farm. They have some great information on feeding the soil and not the plant. Best of luck.

willy led wonka

ive heard great things about cutting edge also. I think i saw somenone on here said the Greenplanet works better than AN in the side by side test they did. The "eye" test shall we say.
deep buddy

deep buddy

house & garden is good. no exp w/ nutrifeild. whats your medium? yellow bottle if you want some good juice. i just use cns-17 though. heard and seen alot of good things about A-1 havent tried it yet.


Jacks is complete (it's a two part, use Calcium Nitrate with it), flexible for playing with your ratios, and CHEAP when compared to anything that comes in a bottle. A 25lb sack of Jacks is $45, and a 50lb bag of Cal-Ni ran me just $32. A full changeout of a 100 gallon RDWC setup costs me about $1.50. Because I'm trying to kick up the flavor and aroma, I add some epsom salts, aka MgSO4- get that in the pharmacy section of any grocery store. A little Superthrive for B-1 and that's the sauce.

I screwed up my first run with the stuff and ran less than half the ppms I should have, and they still came out okay...

Available nutrients are available nutrients. There's no mystery- in spite of how hard they try to create some- and the more you learn about your nutes, the more pissed off you'll get that you've spent all that money on bottles with fancy labels.


House and garden are the best, USER FRIENDLY, nutes ive ever encountered. Ive tried most and what I like about House and Garden is that you feed every watering and dont have to worry about nute burns, or most deficiencies, Just follow direction NO SECOND GUESSING THEM and enjoy. roots excelurator is good but they have a product called multizyme that is massively underestimated. buddy doesnt use house and garden but loves the multizyme


house and garden is good. i ran it for a while after advanced and definitely like it better than AN. i personally use heavy 16 and haven't looked back in over a year.

i haven't used A1 yet so i've got no experience to offer there. about to start on some of their additives.
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